How to say Ma-AH ‘Come here’ in cat language (infographic)

This is something a bit different. It is a first for me both in discovering a new way to talk to your cat and embedding an infographic from Canava. This infographic is embedded here. It’ll work as long as I have a Canva account. ๐Ÿ™€ Karina is one of many young, attractive, women signed up to a girl band in South Korea where these groups are created by the ‘creatives’ and producers. It is almost like creating a ‘product’. It is not spontaneous as was the case in the old days with bands like the Beatles and Rolling Stones etc.

The Ma-AH cat language appears to have been made up by the man in the video who has a successful TikTok account. He is a clever bloke. He knows what his clients like to hear. I can’t guarantee that Ma-AH will work๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™€. But it works for him because they know what it means and they know what it means because in the past they’ve probably received a nice reward for coming.

Note: This is a video-infographic. Play the video by clicking on the triangular play button at the base of the infographic. Thanks.

How to say Ma-AH – ‘Come here’ in cat language by Michael Broad

Talking to cats

The bottom line for talking to your cat is that your cat recognises the sounds that you make and they could be anything as long as the cat gets a reward after responding to it. It is that well-known process called positive reinforcement or plain old-fashioned cat training with rewards.

More info on Ma-AH

I asked Google Gemini if it had heard of Ma-AH and it has. Here is the AI bot’s response:

Yes, I have! The idea of “Ma-AH” being a universal cat call for “come here” has gained some traction on social media platforms like TikTok. There isn’t any scientific evidence that cats universally recognize this sound, but some people report success with it.

Here’s what you might want to know:

  • It’s more of a suggestion than a guaranteed call. Cats are independent creatures and may not always come running regardless of the sound.
  • It’s worth a try! You might be surprised. The sound itself might pique their curiosity and prompt them to investigate.
  • It’s best used alongside other positive reinforcement techniques. Pair the sound with treats, petting, or playtime when your cat approaches you using “Ma-AH” to create a positive association.

Overall, “Ma-AH” can be a fun way to interact with your cat, but remember, every cat is an individual and may respond differently.


Here’s some info about Karina:

Karina, whose real name is Yu Ji-min, is a rising star in the K-pop world. Here’s a rundown on her career:

Leader and Performer:

  • Leads the girl group Aespa, formed in 2020 by SM Entertainment, a major South Korean entertainment company. Aespa is known for their catchy music and unique concept that incorporates AI avatars alongside the real members.
  • Sings, raps, and dances – a triple threat in the K-pop world!

Popularity and Recognition:

  • Gained immense popularity in a short time. Aespa’s debut album was a record-breaker in South Korea, and they’ve collaborated with artists like Chris Martin of Coldplay.
  • Karina herself has a huge social media following and topped brand reputation rankings for K-pop idols in 2021.

Recent Controversy:

  • Made headlines in 2023 when she was in a relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook. Unfortunately, some fans reacted negatively, highlighting the sometimes intense expectations placed on K-pop idols regarding their personal lives.


Here is some info about K-pop groups:

K-pop groups are a major force in the music industry, known for their catchy music, synchronized dance routines, and polished visuals. They are typically formed by entertainment companies in South Korea through a rigorous training process.

Here’s a breakdown of K-pop groups:


  • K-pop groups can be boy groups or girl groups.
  • Groups typically have 5-13 members, each with designated roles like vocalist, rapper, dancer, or visual center (known for their outstanding visuals).
  • Some groups may have sub-units that focus on specific talents or musical styles.

Music and Performance:

  • K-pop music is known for being highly produced, with catchy melodies, strong vocals, and intricate choreography.
  • Dance routines are a huge part of the K-pop experience, often featuring sharp moves and synchronized formations.
  • Music videos are visually stunning, with high production value and elaborate sets.

Industry and Training:

  • Entertainment companies hold auditions to find potential idols, who then undergo years of training in singing, dancing, rapping, language skills, and stage presence.
  • Companies carefully craft a group’s image and concept, from their music style to their fashion and overall persona.

Popularity and Fandom:

  • K-pop groups have passionate fanbases around the world. Fans often participate in organized activities like voting for awards and learning dance routines.
  • Social media plays a huge role in K-pop, with groups and fans actively engaging online.

Some Examples of Popular K-pop Groups:

  • BTS: Arguably the biggest K-pop group globally, known for their self-produced music and social messages.
  • Blackpink: One of the most popular girl groups, known for their girl-crush concept and powerful rap verses.
  • Twice: Another major girl group, known for their cute and bubbly concept.
  • EXO: A hugely successful boy group with a diverse sound that incorporates pop, hip-hop, and R&B.
  • Seventeen: A self-producing group known for their intricate choreography and complex music production.


And some information about Aespa:

Yes, Aespa is absolutely a K-pop group! They tick all the boxes for what defines a K-pop group:

  • Formed in South Korea: Aespa was created by SM Entertainment, a major South Korean entertainment company.
  • Girl Group: The group consists of four female members: Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning.
  • Trained and Developed by a Company: SM Entertainment is known for its rigorous training programs for idols.
  • Catchy Music and Performance Focus: Aespa is known for their unique concept that incorporates AI avatars and their music videos are known for being visually stunning. They also have impressive dance routines.

In fact, Aespa is considered one of the hottest K-pop groups right now. They’ve achieved a lot in a short time, breaking records with their debut album and collaborating with big artists.

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