Maine Coon flower seed scam from China (infographic)

I am telling this story in an infographic. Why not?! 😸 You can receive the information faster – in a matter of seconds and the infographic is free to use so you can spread the warning around the internet. It needs to be told. Perhaps many have learned already. I hope so but the images in the infographic come from a live page on the Gardener Star website. This is current. I’ll guess that customers are still buying these seeds that do not produce the flower as illustrated. When you think about it, it is fanciful to believe that these flowers could actually exist. But people are sometimes taken in and they can’t be blamed. General warning: these scams from China come in a wide range of forms. There are many – see some examples below the infographic.

Maine Coon cat flower seeds scam from China (infographic)
Maine Coon cat flower seeds scam from China (infographic). Right click the infographic to download it under an unconditional Creative Commons license.
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Also beware of scams concerning: drones and car speed trap detectors to name two. They are many others. These devices are relatively cheap and the seller makes extravagant claims about their functions. They are temping. They are shipped in direct from China. They are often fake. These devices work but not to the specification. Please beware at all times of Chinese fake goods.

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