Infographic on a new pheromone product to help calm cats

Here is an infographic on this new product from Beaphar with some more articles on this topic at the base of the article. It is called: Beaphar CatComfort┬« Excellence (note: ‘cat’ & ‘comfort’ are meant to be together ?). It is different in that it contains two pheromones for added efficacy. I’ve not tried it. I simply want to put it out there into the internet to ensure that cat owners with problems such as those listed know of it. These sorts of products can help based on what I have gleaned from years of internet usage. Also respected veterinarians such as Dr Bruce Fogle DVM in the UK suggest their use under appropriate circumstances.

  • Separation anxiety
  • Multi-cat homes where there is stress between some cats
  • Individual cat who is stressed for any number of reasons such as a stranger cat coming into the home through the cat flap
  • Individual cat who is stressed because of excessive and unexpected and persistent noise
  • Individual cat who is stressed because of the comings and goings of strange people
  • Timid cat who is predisposed to anxiety

There are, of course, many other reasons. These are examples.

Beaphar Cat Comfort Excellence

Beaphar Cat Comfort Excellence. Infographic by MikeB

Below are some pages on pheromones.

Graph showing decrease in feline aggression with use of Feliway diffuser compared to placebo

Does Feliway work?

Yes, Feliway works. Feliway is a well known synthetic cheek-pheromone spray which it is claimed has proved effective in double-blind ...
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Dog and cat are friendly

Pheromones improve the relationship between cats and dogs in the home

Researchers from the University of Lincoln, Professor Daniel Mills and Dr Miriam Prior, a veterinarian, explored the effects of two ...
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wine contains a cat pheromone

White Wine Contains A Cat Pheromone

Sauvignon blanc is a white wine with the flavour of gooseberries. It contains a chemical called: 3-Mercapto-3-methylbutan-1-ol (MMB), which is ...
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