Interesting edited photo of Keanu Reeves surrounded by cats

The actor Keanu Reeves is considered to be a nice man. This resulted in a photoshopped (edited) image of him surrounded by cats which supported the story that his kindness lead him to rescuing cats in countries other than the US, shipping them home and starting a cat sanctuary to save their lives.

Keanu Reeves doctored image
Keanu Reeves doctored image
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Yes, it is massively impressive behaviour by an A-list film star but sadly it is all fiction except that Keanu Reeves is indeed a nice person and he does give a lot to charity.

The edited photo was published around 2010 on a Facebook page called ‘Love Gatos’.

Keanu Reeves has been linked to other charitable acts under the same purpose – to get viral images and have some fun I guess.


Keanu Reeves really has given time and money for charitably purposes. Here’s a bit of verbatim info from Wikipedia which is allowed under a creative commons license:

“Reeves set up a cancer charity, choosing not to attach his name to the organization; he has also supported PETA, the SickKids Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer. In 2014, he said in an interview that his sister Kim had battled leukemia for more than a decade.”

He feels that he has earned more than enough money and I sense that he does not know how to spend it all! I get than seeing as he has earned gazillions of dollars.

He travels around NYC on the underground and lives in an ordinary apartment we are told. He eschews the trappings of fame. He likes the common person. The tramp and down-and-out. He is not your ordinary film star. I read that he has given away $75 million of his earnings from the Matrix franchise to charity. He has probably given a lot to PETA. He is an animal lover but does not have ‘pets’, probably because like PETA he does not believe in owning animals. Or it is impractical for him to care for a companion animal properly due to his work commitments.

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