Is this the world’s cutest cat?

Snoopy Worlds Cutest Cat

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At October 2013, Snoopy is said to the world’s cutest cat. Of course, you have to ask, “who is saying it?”. Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.

This cat is cute. However, personally I have to disagree that Snoopy is the cutest of them all because I rule out all extreme bred cats and the Exotic Shorthair is an extreme bred cat – a shorthaired version of the flat-faced Persian, to be exact.

Snoopy is not bred to great extreme but the head and face is unnatural for a cat. In anatomical terminology, this cat has a “brachycephalic” skull – short and round.

I won’t go on but a cat can only be genuinely cute for me if he or she has a natural head shape that is healthy. How can a cat be cute if he is in less than in good health due to a weird head shape?

Interestingly, breeding this sort of skull shape can lead to misaligned jaws, causing the cat to be deemed very ugly. Strange world…….→

ugly cat exotic shorthaor with overshot lower jaw

Cuteness is apparently not far from ugliness in the cat breed world.

Note: I have taken the liberty of publishing pictures from Snoopy’s FB page. I have provided a link in return. I hope this is OK. If not please leave a comment.

26 thoughts on “Is this the world’s cutest cat?”

  1. Well I’m with the Opinion that ALL Cats are Very Beautiful and Cute. I don’t think just cause one looks Cute over another. There is beauty and Loveliest and Cute in all Cat Breeds whether Domestic or Pedigree. Just cause a Particular cat looks Cute doesn’t do it for me. Its their Personaility and their Love and what they have been though in Life that matters.

  2. I don’t find Snoopy or any other cat bred to have brachycephalia cute.

    I thought it was bad enough that breeders have continually flattened the face of Persians solely to please cat show judges, but to introduce another breed based on the same deformity is cruel.

      • I understood the cute factor was due to cats (like babies) having large eyes for the size of their face. That’s why when they want to make cartoon characters appealing, they always give them large eyes. In the Shrek films, Puss in Boots uses this to great effect 🙂


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