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    It’s a manner of common sense. The social lions use complicated and coordination hunting tactics that no other felines do. That alone should be enough to show the lion’s intelligence superiority. And then the 2016 intelligence test confirmed the lion superiority over the other big cats. You want to know how bright lions can be? A Russian man uses his lioness as a sheep guardian! This lioness learns to guard sheep like any sheep dogs do.

    Man explaining the lion’s complexity of a warthog hunt.


    Lioness works as sheep dog.


    Russian 2016 original article with pictures:


    Same thing in fights; “lions win over tigers with a combination of superior power and tactics.” (Clyde Beatty trained 2,000 lions and tigers during his career. It is also noticed that at the beginning Beatty thought tigers were better one on one fighter, after witnessing so many combats, he mentioned that lions will win 90% of the time against a tiger).



    It is a long-time practice to overrate tigers. His intelligence is not an exception. One classical justification was because a tiger is solitary (so are leopards and jaguars) he is more intelligent. They forget that the most intelligent animals like chimps, dolphins, elephants and so on are all social animals. The exception is the tiger he is more intelligent than the social lion!

    In 2009 these people immediately used a study on feline skulls. According to a 2009 article, the tiger’s supposedly intelligence is based on a simple assumption; tigers have relative bigger brain 16% than lions. Please note their confession “of NOT HAVING ANY PROOF” of the superiority of the tiger’s intelligence”. Nevertheless, with this simple supposition they titled the article: “Tigers are ‘brainier’ than lions.”

    We can ask ourselves if this is scientific. Sadly it is very common to see scientists have fixed ideas based on ideologies instead on facts and this is a good example.

    Scientists studied the relative brain size skulls of the big cats. No intelligence tests were ever made. The explanation given was based on the Darwin’s evolution theory. What Darwin said? Men were more evolved than women because they have bigger brains. White men were more evolved than black men because they have in average bigger skulls and brain. Was this based on facts? The relation of brains sized and intelligence was never proven. If it was the case, whales and elephants have bigger brains than humans they should be the ones more evolved, therefore according to Darwin’s evolution ideology more intelligent. We should never see women and black people in university and having better grades than white men.

    Darwin chooses the intelligent social chimps because they look more like humans (even if the social gorilla have bigger brain witch is a contradiction to his theory), and seems to avoid making comparisons with the whale and elephant brains. What is more disturbing for a very long time scientists stated that “social animals are more intelligent”. And just because the tiger as a relative bigger brain, they forgot all about the social animal superiority intelligence they preached for so long! These scientists did not take into consideration or choose to ignore; the more complex lion communication language and the more complex lion hunting tactics.

    It’s only 7 years later that intelligent test studies in groups of hyenas, lions, leopards and tigers were made. So what were the results? First the hyenas, second the lion, third the leopard and the biggest brain the tiger last. In short the social animals had better grades and the brain size was irrelevant.

    The article said: ” Researchers have discovered that the tiger has a far bigger brain than its big cat rival, even though it is often seen as lower down the food chain.” In other words, with his larger brain the tiger is not the top land predator the one at the very top of the food chain are the lions (National Geographic 2012). Lions hunt the biggest preys on earth it is the most challenging role in nature. Would the most challenge role in the animal kingdom was given to a less intelligent predator?

    So to no surprise the test shows by a large margin a greater capacity for lions to resolved problems than tigers. Lions came first for their capacity of investigation. Here are the links:



    Lately all the past tiger weight and size evaluations were revised. The conclusion was, their evaluation and methods used were not trustworthy. It was common in the past for tiger hunters to overrate their kills. The reality is in the wild, rarely a big cat reach 225 kg (500 lb). Real oversized big cats are exceptional not the norm. By giving the maximum weight and not the average (it can go up to 320 kg (700 lb) it’s misleading the readers. Oversized wild tigers (or lions) are not the norm it is not realistic. According the numbers below and with more recent studies the male and female lion are in averaging a little bigger than their tiger’s counterparts by a little margin. However the same study suggests the possibility of more oversized tigers than lions in the wild. This can be explained by the fact that the brutal hunting and violent lifestyles of Lions especially the males would use more energy. As a general rule tigers fight less, and do swifter kills. If they don’t succeed in the first attend, they generally retreat. Lions are more persistent therefore would use more energy.

    WIKIPEDIA (not true encyclopedia accused of partiality)

    By saying a tiger found in the Sungari River in 1943 weight no less than 300 kg (660 lb) it means it was not properly weighted. We read about the case of the 384 kg (847 lb) tiger. This was never confirmed. After gorging themselves for several days a tiger (or lion) can add a lot of temporally weight. Often hunters did not take the stomach content in consideration. A more precise study was done in 2005. The average tiger weight when down. However in many sites, either the new data was voluntary ignored or updates neglected. Wikipedia based the numbers from Mazák (1983) however two years before in 1981 the Sunguist study said Siberians and Bengal tigers were similar in size. The long 1992 to 2011 study (see below) also lower the average weight of tigers even below than the lion.

    Siberian & Bengal tigers average weight

    FROM WCS RUSSIA (wildlife conservation society) See under Physical Appearance.

    Numbers are from a 1992 to 2011 Russian study taken as it is from the site.

    Siberian tigers are often considered the largest of the tiger subspecies, although they are in fact about the same size as the Bengal tiger. An adult male usually reaches a body length of 2 meters (8.2 feet), with his tail adding another meter (3 meters or 9.85 feet. Average weight for males is 160-190 kg (353-419 lbs), while females are smaller, weighing in at 110-130 kg (243-286 lbs). The largest male captured for scientific research under the Siberian Tiger Project weighed in at 206 kg (450 lbs). The Study was made from 1992 to 2011 but a similar conclusion was done years ago. The Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society referred to the 1981 study (Sunguist 1981) the Siberian tigers previous to 1981 were no bigger than the Bengals, so similar to the Russian study. Seidensticker in 1999 and Sunquist in 2009 mentioned both lions and tigers are the biggest cats


    So the average weight goes to the lions and the oversized to the tiger. When scientists look at both specie skeletons they find very similar. So, in averaging any differences wound be small. Looking at the whole picture, it is more correct to say that both big cats are very similar in sizes. Both lion and tiger are the largest cats.


    Studies show that almost half of captive predators are obese. It is interesting to know that what ever weigh a tiger reached so the lion.

    Ultra obese tiger


    From BBC 1970 short feature at Colchester Zoo. Simba a 826 lb male lion.


    Sultan a 1,000 lb circus male lion was riding on a horse in 1962.


    When presenting the lion’s characteristics it would be dishonest to say a lion can weight up to a 1,000 lb. Circus and zoos of the past and in today’s by some private owners would purposely make their lions and tigers gain a lot weight to attract public and media attention. Some lions would be neutered. That would make them gain weight. It was not done as often as tigers because male lions would loose their manes. Neutered male tigers are far less detectable.

    Neutered huge male lions


    Tigers in particular will show a greater rate of obesity than lions. Obesity is a big concerned for scientists. Proper diet is a necessity to keep the big cats healthy. You will find more overweight tigers in captivity. I use to believe tigers were in average bigger in the wild than Lions, I don’t anymore. Only obese tigers in captivity are bigger.

    • Thanks a lot, Ross, for taking the time to write such comprehensive comments and adding additional detail and facts of this page. Many thanks again.


    Like we see generally in nature, when felines are in a group, ranks are automatically established and disagreements append regularly. Each individual feline as their own scent, but the group as a whole also as their own scent. They will obey to a different set of rules. The level of confrontation goes to negligible to very serious. To avoid fatalities big cats have a series of signs of submission depending on the seriousness. The feline’s reflexes are extraordinary and are often not perceptible to human eyes. Often slow motion or frame by frame examination is a must but may not be enough with poor image quality. A lion a social creature would make a response in a flash to any sort of sign of submission from his adversary. If you see many lions’ fights in the wild sometimes a fight stop abruptly. We may not see it but one of the two fighters had submitted. Sometimes a male lion is so enraged that he will not accept a submission. In the wild any submission from other predators would be futile. The only way out is escape. Wild Lions are born brutal fighters and battle a lot since cubs until their death. Without this program installed in their brain, this brutal and violent specie wound had disappeared a long time ago. In case of living in a group, a similar program is also printed in the brain of all other cats wild or domestic even if there are solitary by nature. The film Roar made in the 1970s involving lions, tigers, leopards and cougars will never be possible without this natural law. Be sure that ranks were established among them. The black mane Lions high level of aggressiveness was very noticeable. There were often filmed apart from the other cats. They meet with Siberian tigers in shallow waters (lions do not recognize water as a territory) and we could see the tiger’s submission postures.

    The tiger may give the last strikes as an automatic feline defensive reaction. This means nothing in the cat’s world. How do we recognize a tiger submit to a lion? He will lower his ears and head, if this is not enough depending on the seriousness he will lower the body, if this is not enough he may be exposed (rarely) his tummy (not to same as the back fighting position). When submission appends, eye contact is avoided by both sides. The lion will intently look in another direction and go away and the tiger for a moment will have his ears down keep a lower body posture.



    In nature’s laws, pure strength dominance is always accompanied with a high level of aggressiveness and will power. These laws tell us that the alpha will control the food.


    1- White male lion and three white tigers. Lion inters first, tigers keep distance from the lion.


    2- At 8:30 min. of the video. Koreans gave enrichment ball toy with a chicken inside to 3 or 4 tigers, probably attracted by the smell, one male lion and two lionesses came in the tiger’s side and took the ball from the tigers who immediately had retreated. The lions brought the ball to the lion’s side. When it comes for food, the tigers knew that the male lion is the alpha.


    3- Male lion steal the tiger’s food, tiger force to back up.


    4- Male lion that had already had his share, took the food of the tiger. Again the male lion showed his dominance and was in control.


    5- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.


    6- Male lion control food force Indian bear back off (old male lion and a three leg lioness vs. two bears.


  5. If the lion and tiger was equals in strength and as fighters we would found a more or less 50/50 victories in historical caught on films. It never happened. In nature there are no such thing of 100%, there are always exceptions. But at the end of the day the male Lion as a greater brutal power and fighting and dodging skills. Theses fights were fair fights with no element of surprise.

    Nature tell us that as a general rule when a ion and tiger are but together in a same enclosure, the lion will in general be the alpha. In circus rings lions were often called “brutes” always ready to fight. In the circus rings tigers would rarely dare to attack a healthy black mane lion. They would generally attack the small and weak lions; the young, the lionesses and the old. It was often said that tigers rarely fight fairly.

    In the wild tigers rarely do frontal attacks, they are rear attackers. They are made to do kills using quickness and power second. They don’t strike they hold the prey and reach the throat. When they face serious opposition or only suspect one, tigers usually retreats. Lions are more willing to face danger, to do frontal attacks. Lions are strikers they used power first quickness second.

    Most trainers that worked with lions and tigers together favours the lion. The male lion would win most fights.

  6. Risposta scontata , mi dispiace per i fans del leone ma la superiorità della tigre è schiacciante, contrariamente a quanto può pensare una buona parte di persone che hanno ancora Disneyana o clydebettiana immagine del leone, con il suo falso appellativo di re della foresta,o re degli animali, è la tigre che ha sempre dominato il leone ,e no viceversa,sin dai tempi dei romani nel Colosseo, a tutti i vari serragli del 700 o 800 hanno quasi sempre vinto le tigri,e mi è giunta alle mani la statistica ufficiale dei combattimenti tra queste 2 belve : tigre siberiana vince con il leone l’81% dei combattimenti, tigre del bengala vince con il leone il 75% dei combattimenti,tigre indocinese vince il65% dei combattimenti,altre tigri più piccole vincono il 50-60% dei combattimenti.tutte le sottospecie di tigri,anche quelle più piccole , vincono il più delle volte con il Leone, perché la tigre è il felino superiore, e il predatore Alfa, il top predatore,e tutto nella tigre è superiore, di conseguenza è anche un migliore combattente , dovete sapere che la tigre può combattere stando in piedi sulle zampe posteriori,e boxare con tutte e due le zampe anteriori simultaneamente, il leone non può,e se la tigre è in difficoltà, si getta in terra per proteggersi la schiena, e afferra saldamente il Leone con i suoi artigli retrattili, cosa che il leone non ha, e azzanna il leone alla gola ,leone addio!!la tigre dimostra così di essere più intelligente del leone, ha circa il 16% in più di massa cerebrale, anche qui altra prova della superiorità della tigre!! La tigre ,anche se prendiamo una tigre ed un leone con lo stesso peso , ha il morso più potente, bite force 127,contro i 112 del leone,ancora qui la tigre dimostra superiorità,questo perché la testa della tigre è più tondeggiante, ancora, la tigre ha il 72.6% del corpo composto da muscoli, il leone solo 58.2%, la tigre ha maggior circonferenza toracica, spalle più sviluppate, zampe più grandi e potenti, zampe posteriori più alte, canini più lunghi,inoltre la maggior muscolatura della tigre ,porta sostanzialmente la tigre ad essere più forte,resistente e veloce.Non dimentichiamoci che la tigre da sola,uccide le stesse prede in cui il leone caccia in gruppi di 5-25 leoni, inoltre una tigre da sola può uccidere un rinoceronte, un coccodrillo, un bisonte, cosa che il leone da solo non può! In tutta la storia 2 tigri hanno ucciso anche un elefante asiatico maschio adulto , e un elefantessa , altra prova schiacciante della superiorità della tigre!! La tigre vinceva quasi sempre anche ai tempi dei romani, e il poeta marziale scrisse questo, e l’imperatore tito spesso faceva combattere 4 tigri e 5 leoni per dare al leone più chances , ma tutte le volte le 4 tigri uccidevano i 5 leoni , non dimentichiamoci che le tigri del bengala e siberiane oltre ad essere più muscolose e forti, pesano mediamente 50 kg più del leone. Non ho voluto approfondire il tema dei falsi film camuffati, come l”impostore clyde beatty che favoriva il leone nelle sue esibizioni, come il poco attendibile d.salmoni, ci sarebbe da scrivere un libro su questo comunque,la tigre è il vero re degli animali, ed è al 4 posto come più forte animale sulla terra!!! Saluti

  7. About young lions and tigers. As social animals the lion’s growth rate is slower than tigers. Lions gets maturity later than tigers.


    The mighty lion the “KING OF THE BEASTS” according to the National Geographic 2012, is on the list of the ten toughest animal on earth. The tigers are not on the list. The National Geographic also said that no animal on earth are safe from lions. Lions are design to hunt the largest preys on land. That’s make them the world’s very top predator. The male and female lion make a formidable duo. The very athletic lioness is the second fastest big cat behind the cheetah and her top speed is on the world’s top 10. Again the tiger is not on the list. In a hunt, the lioness will usually show more courage and perseverance than tigers. Few people know that lions have a greater hunting success rate than tigers.
    Pound for pound there are no land mammalian more muscular than the male lion. Surprisingly males are good hunters too, they are large preys specialists. But what cut thousands of years ago, the imagination of early civilizations is the extraordinary bravery and fighting skills of the male lion.

    They are no invincible predators, but in a fair fight, it is almost overwhelming for a tiger to defeat an healthy born in the wild male lion of equal age and size. All feline have poor stamina. But lions have more stamina and will power than tigers. The lion is a all around more formidable animal. WHAT IS STRONGER THAN A MALE LION, IS ANOTHER MALE LION. Perhaps it is better to compare tigers with the lioness. The male lion is unique, he belongs to a higher league.


    1-Black and white film tiger lion fight. Tiger loose retreats lion running after.

    2-Black and white film lion wins, run after tiger, tiger laid down injured or died.

    3-Jungle Jim black and white movie lion winner run after tiger.

    4- Black and white film Sub adult male lion with little mane defeat tiger, again lion run after tiger.

    5- 1929 black and white film Gir forest old lion kill tiger.


    First found the whole scene clean images versions. In the Big Cage scenes in few occasions the tiger tried to escaped but the lion ran often him. In nature when a tiger face serious opposition he retreats. The tiger (s) did the same. He knew he could not defeat and sense his life was in danger. A frame by frame examination on versions that have clear images, shows in a few occasions, the tiger retained momentarily the lion on the ground by his mane. Details of this scene was lather explained in the newspapers (The Milwaukee journal July 18, 1962 ). The black mane lion face not one but three tigers in a row. The lion killed so fasts the first and second tigers that they did not have enough footage. A third tiger was send and the male lion still had enough of energy in him. If I remember correctly, the last tiger tried to escape too. At the end the keepers managed to stop the fight when the lion was held down by his mane again. Now all 4 performing male big cats used by Beatty were born in the wild and were in top shape.


    One of the greatest tiger expert was Kailash Sankhala (1925-1994) known as “The Tiger Man of India”. The tiger was his favourite animal. From his 1970’s book, he had studied tigers for many years and when to the Gir forest too. There are only 10 to 12 regions in the whole India that can suits the lions needs. Once, these few dispersed places were eventually all occupied by lions. To do so lions had to pass through the tiger’s moist regions first. Kailash Sankhala wrote that the lions took the territories away from the tigers. Before lions were exterminated by men, tigers totally disappeared from these regions. On page 119 Kailash Sankhala had the honesty to state in a fair fight on a one on one combat a tiger is no match for a lion he added that a tiger will avoid a lion. Sankhala saw lion/tiger combats too and the male lion was victorious. This world renown tiger expect was convinced that lions are the superior fighters.

    The title lion “king of the jungle” come from India a tiger land. The Lion “king of the beasts” comes from “Mesopotamia” a tiger land too.

    • Thanks Ross. Overall opinion is more or less split down the middle. Let’s say it is evens. Personally I favour the tiger to win 😉

  8. tiger wins because its the superior predator male lions are the biggest scavengers of the savanna tigers are the ultimate carnavor and both bengal and amur tigers are bigger. tiger has size strength agility weaponry intelligence bigger brain larger learning capacity all a lion has is a mane which will hinder but not stop the attack of a bigger stronger member of the cat family a lone lion is a dead lion.

  9. Even the lion/bear conflicts info grew a bit:


    I think most people ignore lions with their social system fight and gain more experince/skill/knowledge of combat, a bear or tiger fighting their own kind is a rare event, on a basis of year to year or season to season with them, for lions its a week to week basis. This is the only explaination why there are some 100 videos of lions fighting lions in the wild compared to the one or two fights of bears/tigers fighting there own kind in the wild.

    Quite impressive in terms the lions feats, he might not be the biggest, the heaviest, the longest ect…but he sure is good at fighting. People often say the tiger is the better hunter, but these same people havent the slightest clue in their eco-prey system, I dident even know till lately lions hunt over 100 different types of sub-specific ugalates, tigers only around 20 or so, you could combine all the sub-species of bears and tigers and still wouldnt get just as half as much as the lion has on his menu, a hunter with a more diverse prey accumilation will no dought be the better hunter overall.

    What do tigers/bears hunt that is as tall as a giraffe, as heavy as a bull elephant, as formidable as a white rhinocerous, as dangerous as a herd of cape buffallo, or as aggressive as hippos? Grizzlys hunt fish berries, honey, grass, those things wont quite embed any heigher skills of combat in terms a evolution stand point.

    I can see why almost every major flag on the planet has the lion on it for over a thousand years + :

    I can’t imagine how much records there is on each culture has seen on the lions capabilitys, these animal accidental or purposed conflicts are not as rare as people make it out to be, I think the problem is most want to play the role of expert and try and implement their own bias views instead of just seeking out the truth.

    • Thanks for another good comment. Just so you know, your comment was held for moderation because the computer program detects links in the comment and that is a sign that it is spam, which it is not but that is how the program works. Any comment you make that has no links in it will be published immediately.

  10. Hey Michael, hows it goin…a while back I found something interesting and I thought you’d like to read it, its a account of a lion and tiger encounter in the wild of india in the state of Gujarat of the district Surat near the tapti river in the early 18th century. A full back ground check on the eye-witnesers via Herne peregrine and Robert Barill and it checks out as the book is part of Hernes life as one of the first american hunters to travel the world and document his hunts, the entire autobiography is quite extensive from his hunts in africa, america and asia, Without telling you the verdict I’ll let you read it your self to see what happen, heres a book archive of some abstracts, you can flip through the pages until you reach Lion-Tiger-Conflict as it ends on P.204(213):

    Quite interestingly most people think lions are no match for the larger sub-species of tigers like the bengal, but on record even female tigers and…leopards, have killed male bengal tigers:

    Which is quite the comedy, being the leopard is some 1/4th the weight of a good sized bengal…extending that gesture it seems tiger supporters suggest that all the more potent data is in asia, where the tiger cheifly resides, and the tiger took the win nearly every time as most websites claim, yet in the newer info posted a few back of information specifically from asia, almost all the records that could be shown with actual root sources, showed the opposite in terms Asia via China, Indonisia, Bhutan, Tibet, Japan, Korea, India ect:

    I know you favor the tiger, I dont hold it against people who do, afterall almost every site gives off the impression that the tiger dwarfs the lion in size and weight, I mean at this point even the cherry picking of statistics of attributes is quite desperate with mostly none are true or show any credible/viable root source but merely opinions out of thin air, and the usual charade of arguments against a person who actually has done just the basic research on the two, wouldnt hold well.

    Hope this helps, atleast in a view of searching for the truth, not just what you want it to be. K, Michael…catch ya Laters. ^_^

  11. veja os video que está disponivel na internet,analisa todos os videos, então vera quem realmente vence a luta, os leões nasceram para brigar são verdadeiros gladiadores e tem uma coragem que é assima do normal. Big cage o tigre atacou o leão pela costa oportunista mais covarde, mesma assim o leão reverteu a vantagem atacau o tigre de begala e o tigre correu e apanhou muito ficou apavorado com a reação do leão, tomou duas patadas em sequência que virava a cara do tigre de um jeito muito forte e violento que eu não tenho duvida nenhuma que o leão tem a patada mais forte entre os felinos. tem uma cena que os fã de tigre tiram do video mas depois foi achada, o tigre fica deitado no chão num gesto de submissão eo leão que fica a sua frente mostrando quem é que manda. Os fã de tigre querem enganar e enfluênciar as pessoas com videos manipulados como o própio big cage que fica voltando a cenas que o tigre bate e tira a cena que queima o filme do tigre. Everland Os leões do zoologico Koreano everland são asiático uma sub-especie menor menas agressiva e mais fraca do que a sub-especie encontrada na Africa e mesmo assim levou vantagem em cima do tigre de bengala e siberiano. A cena que os fã idolatra o tigre, o leão está brigando com tigre siberiano quando ele virou ele tomou duas patadas de um outro tigre siberiano balançou a cabeça duas vezes mas continuou e nem ficou atordoado continuo indo embora, pegou na covardia deu duas patadas fracas. Everland 5 Um homem tenta dar ao tigre uma ave provavelmente um frango o tigre parece assustado não era para menos um leão come ali ao lado, não demorou muito para o leão atacar o tigre, o tigre tentou golpiar mas saiu fora deixando a comida para o leão, na turkia um caso parecido aconteceu, jogaram a ave para o tigre de bengala, o leão também tomou a comida do tigre e nos dois caso os tigres eram maiores do que os leões. Outro video que os fã de tigre gosta de mostrar a luta de um tigre siberiano de 5a6 anos de idade contra um leão asíatico de 2a3 anos de idade, o tigre deu quatro tapa no leão, a diferença de idade fator determinante, um leão de dois anos não consegue vencer um tigre de 5a6 anos de idade, para luta ser justa e definir qual é o melhor, tem que ter a mesma idade e ser o topo da especie, exemplo leão da barbária vs tigre siberiano e bengala não leão asítico vs tigre siberiano ou bengala e mesma assim levou vantagem sobre os tigres. Tem um video da luta de um leão da barbária contra um tigre siberiano, o tigre estava batendo na leoa quando leão chegou ele já se mostrou submisso ao leão mas enfretou com golpes em vão e sem eficaz o leão mais calmo acertou varias e finalizou colocando a pata atras da nuca do tigre e levando o enorme felino ao chão a onde permaneceu deitado em um gesto de submissão. Outro video tigre de bengala branco maior que os tigres laranjados, se-vê que o tigre é mais comprido e mais robusto do que o leão e mesma assim ele apanhou feio e correu. O leão é mais concentrado mais calmo e avalia melhores suas chances tem mais resistência mais experiência de luta e mais corajosos e ferozes, tem a patada mais forte entre os felinos junto com a juba que ajuda na defesa e dá superiorídade ao leão. koreano, chines,russo, tailandes e indiano nunca vão falar bem do leão por que eles idolatram o tigre. Zoolôgico Koreano Everland colacaram um leão adulto junto com um bando fechado de tigre e leões, tres tigre e um leão atacaram um leão sozinho, quatro felino contra um, fizeram só para tentar desmoralisar o leão, eles mostra a covardia achando que é vantagem para os tigres, e só mostram os ferimentos dos leões e não mostra os ferimentos dos tigres, e fica zombando dos leões,mas os leões já são vitórisos antes da luta começar por que ele enfrenta um felino maior e mais forte do que ele e isso que torna o leão o animal mais inspirador do mundo e além disso o leão é o segundo predador depois do homem, depois do homem os leões governam o mundo pois não tem força maior que um bando leões até o urso polar sairiam de seus caminhos. vocês que votam no tigre, vocês estão sendo manipulado pela influência de alguns. O leão é o rei.

  12. O leão e tigre são dois super predadores,e cada um teve a sua evolução de acordo com suas necessidades, o leão é um gladiador e o tigre é um caçador,o tigre vive sozinho e raramente entra em confronto com outro tigre ou outro predador, seu numero é pequeno e seu territorio e vasto e mesmo quando se encontram eles se avaliam e geralmente o intruso vai em bora. O tigre e um excelente predador mas não é gladiador como o leão, se você analizar a propria anatomia do leão sugere que ele é um gladiador, se você pensar no ponto fraco desses animais, vera que é o pescoço e o leão tem uma juba que protege o peito e pescoço e intimida, por que faz parecer que o leão é ainda maior e também cofunde o adversário enrosca a pata desiquilibrando o oponente,o tigre não tem juba, no decorrer da luta no cansaço o leão poderia acertar a mordida fatal uma vantagem para o leão. O leão é o mais alto dos felinos, e o tigre é mais comprido e robusto entre os felino, mas não tem a resistência do leão, o leão vive no continente mais quente do mundo a Africa, um felino grande vivendo em ambiênte quente e seco e têm que ter muita resistência, e fora a experiência de combate, por que enquanto o leão e frio, calculista e concentrado o tigre é medroso e apavorado, ele corre fica em posição de submissão não consegue se concentrar na luta. As patada dos leões são as mais fortes entre os felino. Fora tudo isso a bbc discovery channel e a revista world win da a vitória ao leão, os fã de tigre fica elevantando a moral do tigre e desfazendo do leão com mentiras. O leão é a criatura da guerra não tem outro igual os leões são verdadeiros Mestres na luta.

    Google translation of the above:

    The lion and tiger are two super predators, and each had its evolution according to their needs, the lion is a gladiator and the tiger is a hunter, the tiger lives alone and rarely clashes with another tiger or other predator, their number is small and its territory is vast and even when they are evaluated and the intruder usually goes though. The tiger and an excellent predator but not gladiator like the lion, if you analyze the anatomy own Lion suggests he is a gladiator, if you think the weak point of these animals, vera which is the neck and the lion has a mane protects the chest and neck and intimidates, why does it appear that the lion is even bigger and also cofunde the opponent screws paw desiquilibrando the opponent, the tiger has no mane, during the fight tiredness lion would set the fatal bite one advantage for the lion. The lion is the tallest of the cats, and the tiger is longer and robust among the feline, but lacks the strength of the lion, the lion lives in the hottest continent in the world to Africa, a big cat living in hot and dry ambience and must have much resistance, and outside combat experience, that while the lion and cold, calculating and concentrate the tiger is afraid and terrified, he runs is in submission position can not concentrate on the fight. The kick lions are the strongest among the feline. Out all the bbc discovery channel and the magazine world the victory to win the lion, the tiger fan is elevantando moral undoing Tiger and Lion with lies. The lion is a creature of war has no other equal lions are true masters in the fight.

  13. Hows it goin Michael, long time no chat…I see your site is still going, nice job. I did a little more investigating a while ago and left some interesting things here if you’d like to read up and learn some cool stuff:


    Clyde beatty has 3 books out, 100’s of news-articles on him and video footage as well in regards to the lion/tiger conflict, which is probably the most definitive opinion based off of his own experince the world has ever seen, coming from a single person atleast. We are getting close to finding out who’d be the usual victor, but for now its still a toss up…I’m still on my break for this subject, but laters I’m sure I’ll be back to dig up more facts on these two powerful animals. Hope to see you laters and Good luck with your site as well…

    Laters ^_^

    • Hi, thanks for visiting. Yes the site is going and it still doing well 😉 under massive competition. Thanks for your future input. I’ll take a look at that as soon as I can. Any future comments you make will be published immediately

  14. O leão tem a maior envergadura entre os felino ele é mais auto do que os tigres o siberiano é o mais robusto e pesado entre os felino o begala é o mais comprido e agiu entre os felinos. Os tigre macho são melhores caçadores que os leões macho,tem mais flexibilidade pula mais alto do que um leão e tem mais explosão fisíca e sempre está caçando que da o tigre experiência como caçador. O leão foram feitos para brigar como gladiadores a forma de vida deles a evolução do leão faz dele um lutador e não um caçador, sua juba protege o peito e o pescoço tem um braço musculoso e cumprido e desenvoltura para gol-piar também da ao leão a patada mais forte entre os felinos,o leão é puro musculo ele tem menas reserva de gordura no corpo do que o tigre siberiano e begala um coração grande com relação ao corpo, consegue bombiar mais oxigênio para os musculos e o leão vive no continente mais que do mundo a Africa que também ajuda o leão ter mais resistência fisíca. Sua forma de vida e muito faz o leão passar grande parte da sua vida em confronto com outros leões e outros predares os leões são responsável por 50% das mortes entre as hienas segundo predador vido logo apos o leão,a hiena tem a mordida mais poderosa entre os predadores terrestre, 50% das mortes do guepardo 40% dos leopardos 50% mabecos cachorros selvagem e os leões tem a forma de vida mais violenta do reino animal. No Coliseu os leões da barbaria lutaram com todos tipos de predadores tigres ursos e venceu pois coliseu era localizada na antiga roma que hoje é a Italia, na Italia estão espalhada varias estatuas de leão em suas praças e simbolo de força e coragem em suas bandeiras. Os reis escupiam a cara de um leão em seus tronos na armaduras de seus soldado e gladiadores no cabo das espada nos escudos etc. Muitos fã de tigre fala do tamanho do tigre para o leão a diferença dos dois e pouca e alguns leões ficam maires do que tigres exemplo `Simba´o maior felino já registrado é um leão chamado Simba, mas tamanho não é documento exemplo pit bull e bull terry que são cachorro que consegue vencer cachorro bem maiores. Eu ví um video que um caçador atirou com um rifle contra um leão e acertou o tiro e o leão caiu, quando levantou começou a correr de encontro aos caçadores para atacalos e quase conseguiu matar um dos caçadores eu nunca ví um animal mais corajoso de que um leão ele espanta e enfrenta mais de quize hienas. Tem um video chamado tiger the king of coward que significa tigre o rei dos covardes mostra dois cachorro porte medio colocando um tigre siberiano para correr e dois dogue alemão colocando um tigre de begala para correr e a maioria dos video que vejo o tigre está apanhando do leão e correndo, não que desfazer do tigre acho ele uma perfeita maquina de matar sem falar de sua beleza e capacidade de sobrevivência e sua força, mas o leão e chamado pelos povos antigos e até nos dias de hoje como Criatura da guerra o rei dos animais.

    Google translation:

    The lion has the largest wingspan between feline he is more self than the Siberian tiger is the most robust and heavy between feline Begala is the longest and acted among felines. The male tiger hunters are better than male lions have more flexibility jumps higher than a lion and has more physical explosion and that is always hunting the tiger experience as a hunter. The lion were made to fight as gladiators in the form of their lives developments lion makes him a fighter and not a hunter, his mane protects the chest and the neck has a muscular arm and fulfilled and resourcefulness Goal-py also of the lion the strongest kick between the felines, the lion is pure muscle he has menas fat reserves in the body than the Siberian tiger and Begala a big heart with respect to the body, can bombiar more oxygen to the muscles and the lion lives in the continent more the world that Africa which also helps the lion have more stamina. Their way of life, and the lion is spending much of his life in confrontation with other lions and other predares lions are responsible for 50% of deaths between the second hyenas predator vido shortly after the lion, the hyena has the strongest bite between terrestrial predators, 50% of the deaths of the cheetah 40% 50% leopards wild dog wild dogs and lions have the most violent form of life in the animal kingdom. Lions at the Coliseum barbarism fought with all types of bears and tigers predators won because it was located in the ancient coliseum rome what is now Italy, in Italy are scattered several statues of lion in its squares and symbol of strength and courage in their flags. Kings escupiam the face of a lion on their thrones in the armor of their soldiers and gladiators in cable Swords shells etc.. Many fan of Tiger tells the size of the tiger to the lion and the difference of the two little lions and some mayors are example of what Tigers’ largest ever recorded Simba’o cat is a lion named Simba, but size does not matter example and pit bull terry bull dog that can win are much larger dog. I saw a video that a hunter shot with a rifle against a lion and hit the shot and the lion fell, when started running up against hunters atacalos and almost managed to kill one of the hunters I’ve never seen a more bold animal that a lion frightens him and faces more than quize hyenas. Has a video called the king of tiger coward means that Tiger the king of cowards shows two medium sized dog putting a Siberian tiger to run and two German mastiff putting a tiger Begala to run and most of the video I see the tiger is picking up the lion and running, not to undo tiger think he’s perfect killing machine without talking about its beauty and survivability and strength, but the lion is called by ancient peoples and even today as Creature from the king of war animals.

  15. O leão tem experiência em luta, tem mais resistência, tem a juba que protege o pescoço e o peito e tem a patada mais forte entre os felinos. O tigre é apavorado na briga ele corre e é submisso enquanto o leão frio e concentrado e mais agressivo, o tigre é mais forte que o leão mas tem menas resistência. O tigre é um caçador solitário que raramente entra em confronto com outro tigre e não tem competição com outros predadores, diferente do leão que vive em confrontos direto contra outros macho e outros predadores.

    Google translate:

    The lion has experience in fighting, have more endurance, has the mane which protects the neck and chest and has the strongest kick among felines. Tiger is terrified he runs the fray and is submissive while cold and concentrated and more aggressive lion, the tiger is stronger than a lion but has menas resistance. The tiger is a solitary hunter who rarely clashes with another tiger and has no competition with other predators, unlike the lion that lives in direct confrontations with other male and other predators.

    • Thanks for you comment. Come back sometimes. Your future comments will be published immediately.

      Obrigado por você comentar. Volte às vezes. Seus futuros comentários serão publicados imediatamente.

  16. sorry your information is don real i worked 20 years with lions and tiger lion king of the king only lion can kills largest animal in the world .please go back study history fight between lions and tiger.in 70 years ago lions easy kills tiger.royal tiger.poular bear.crizzly bear.lions are ultimate warrior .brave.powerful.can better climbing better than tiger of tree.lions paw biger than tiger.lion power of the jaw 109 kg stronger than tiger.african buffalo most dangerous buffalo in the world lions kills african buffalo.african buffalo very stronger than qaur .water buffalo.oh my god I must write a book about big cat.thanks

  17. Lion vs tiger. The lion will win because it build for fighting. Also the he has his mane that is his armor. The lion has stronger shoulders and chest. Tigers are slightly bigger.

  18. all those peoples who favour the tiger are not at right way of comments.lion is the king of beast and will remain.tiger habbets just like pussy cats but lion is the brave animal.

  19. lion is more power full cat than tiger.although tiger is havior than lion but just a fate.other hand lion is completly the mixture of muscles.tiger has low courage in fight
    as compare to lion

  20. lion is much more poverfull cat.although tiger is heavior then lion but just a fate where as lion is completly the consist of muscles.lion is the brave animal than tiger

  21. I vote for african male Lion
    b/c: he is a fighter by birth, kill/hunt bigger animals as compare to tiger, just like buffaloes, girrafes and even attack on elephants, in groups or alone. his hair on neck protect him from enemy, and fight b/w lions to get dominancy of a pride make them a super fighter

  22. No your wrong, and the tigers weights are exaggerated anyways, both are similar lions can be as big as tigers and the lions shoulders are bigger arms longer it stands taller, mentally its more aggressive and far more skilled at fighting, in open flat ground its agility is adapted perfectly. Its also has more endurance more experience and better use of its jaws for rapid biting as well as neck movement in dodging strikes, the video footage shown shows the lion is designed to fight and can do many things the tiger can not. Check out this thread it explains it backed up with video evidence as well quotes. http://animalsversesanimals.yuku.com/topic/3680/The-lions-unique-fighting-techniques

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