Manx Cat Picture 1

manx cat

Photo copyright Helmi Flick – please respect copyright — the back legs are longer than the front, which leads to a tendency to be in this position.

This Manx Cat photograph shows a “rumpy” Manx cat, meaning entirely tailless. The coat is orange tabby and white. The CFA breed standard provides some insights into what the Manx Cat should look like. The words used to desribe this breed are, for example, “impression of roundness”, “broad chest”, “muscular thighs”. These phrases indicate that this is a strong stocky (cobby) cat, which, without a tail, gives this rounded appearance.

It is probable that the original Manx cats (i.e. going back before the cat fancy started or at least to the early days of the cat fancy) were less rounded, which is supported by the photographs dating from the early 1900s. Breeders would have bred the rounded features over time to create this more rounded cat. The lack of a tail helps in this goal. This makes the cat more attractive or interesting to the public. You can see how well balanced and well muscled this particular cat is as it is an excellent example of this breed

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