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  1. I had a Siamese/Manx for 16 years. Her Momma was a black Manx & Dad a Siamese. She never had bathroom issues, but was prone to UTI’s & low thyroid. With the proper medications, she was able to live a long, happy life. I miss her so much! She was a joy to have around! I recommend anyone who wants a playful, intelligent cat to consider a Manx. You won’t regret it!

    • Hi! I think my 1 year old cat is most likely a long-tailed manx. I want to stay aware of any potential issues so I can take good care of her. What indicated to you that she had a UTI? so like what do you recommend I watch out for. Any advice is appreciated!!

  2. “They will look like “any other cat” more or less so will be less valuable to the breeder. ” Nonsense. “Longies” are not only valuable, but necessary to the breeder. Without them, one could not successfully breed the Manx. One of the parents must be a longie when breeding, it is very possible for the queen to produce nothing but deformed litters, or when line breeding or breeding rumpy to rumpy the dreaded spina bifida. I have to litter mates, brother and sister, one stumpy and one long tailed. Anyone familiar with the breed cares not whether their cat is tailed or not, because the breed is so different than other cats, with or without a tail. Manx are also notorious for “barking”, and not the chirp that every cat makes when they see a bird, but an actual huff sound, an explosive and short vocalization I have never witnessed or heard of in other breeds. It truly sounds like a dog’s bark. One of my other Manx, sadly missed- would bark at the door just as a protective canine would.

  3. My Bobbi was dumped in my driveway,cold and pregnant.She was about 1 yr old when she found us & had some incontinence when she slept.Now she is 6yrs old and this year has developed frequent UTIs, causing urinary incontinence. Vet started her on daily antibiotics saying this will probably be needed for life.After some research I started her on 2 different supplements, “Tinkle Tonic”& Uromaxx(given 2 times daily)& it works!Now she goes months before getting a UTI.Her son Samson has no issues and is a big teddy bear.Loves his belly rubbed & his toes tickled. Bobbi is a tuxedo and Samson is all black with a few white hairs in his left ear

    • Hi Tracy. You can search online or perhaps the best thing is to contact the Cat Fanciers Association if you live in America or The International Cat Association. They have lists of breeders. Good luck.

  4. can someone help me I have tried contacting other Manx website/owners. I have a rumpy manx but I question my second cat I just got who is now 4 mon and I was told she is a manx (stubby 2″ tail) she does have the temperament, loves to fetch (even returns), LOVES to bounce high, has a very soft meow, easily leash trained…there’s a lot of similarity but she just doesn’t look like my 9 yr manx… she is quite sender, appears to have longer legs but I am not sure if its because she is still a kitten and needs to grow but I just question if she is… could you help me?

    • Hi Tammy. Thank you for commenting. The trouble is I don’t thinl it’s possible to say that a cat is of a certain breed simply from appearance. A genetic mutation which causes very short tails in cats is not that uncommon. The Manx cat is one example and it was turned into a cat breed in the late 1800s but before that moment the Manx cat was a random bred cat living on the Isle of Man. Some people use the phrase “Manx cat” to describe a cat with a very short tail or almost no tail at all. That is technically incorrect because a Manx cat, by Western standards, should have a pedigree and be registered with a cat association. It depends how you want to use the phrase “Manx cat”.

      From my perspective you’re beautiful rather slender cat with a 2 inch tail is exactly that and not necessarily a Manx cat. A clue is in the story of how you came to adopt her. Are you saying you bought her from a breeder but don’t believe the breeder or adopted her from a shelter or an individual who is not a formal breeder?

      I am sure you know that in the West you need a pedigree to prove a cat is a genuine purebred cat of any breed. In Eastern Europe going East the cat fancy is less well developed or more of less non-existant in some countries i.e. Turkey where the real Turkish Angora is.

      In fact the whole issue of cat breeds is very complicated because the Western cat fancy has created breeds that are not faithful to the original.

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  8. Thanks for the wonderful information on this wonderful breed of cat. I feel I need to respond to the comments regarding Titania Cattery. I got a wonderful male Cymric from this breeder who is the best cat ever. He is the most social, loving well behaved cat I have ever owned. I am in the process of buying 2 more manx kittens from the owner – Marilyn Dale. I would not hesitate to buy from her and in fact she was the only one I would consider buying any Manx from. Although I have not visited her cattery – She is in Pennsylvania and I am from Colorado – I KNOW from our many conversations that she is an impeccable breeder who loves those cats and treats them like family. She has been breeding Manx for 20 plus years and has never had any cats with Manx Syndrome. Her veterinarian can attest to her impeccable reputation as a fine breeder. She is accutely aware of the pain and suffering caused by innappropriate manx breeding just to produce a show quality cat. She puts her heart and soul into her animals, that I know for a fact. I believe the comment regarding the kittens being unsocialized and having manx syndrome are malicious comments by a jealous breeder. The kittens are in the house with her and the others and she doesn’t let them go before they are ready. So how could this person claim they are not socialized and have manx syndrome? I have no other association with Marilyn Dale other than my interest in Manx cats. You may contact me at 303-567-0170 and I will be happy to talk to anyone about my own experience. I await the arrival of my two kittens from Titania Cattery with the utmost of confidence. Mary Thompson

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