Old man protects his cat from dog who circles trying to attack

Very old man struggles to protect his cat on the sidewalk from a marauding little dog.

The concerning question is why the person who videoed the encounter did not stop videoing and go down and help the guy. It appears to me that he needed help because he’s certainly in his late 80s and struggling to get rid of this aggressive, yappy little dog. The dog is small but my guess is that if he/she got hold of the cat serious injury would ensue.

Another interesting aspect of this video is that the cat is absolutely doing nothing to get out of the way. Maybe that’s a good thing because the old man puts himself between his cat and the dog. If the cat did move away that would have possibly allowed the dog to get hold of the cat. Perhaps the cat either (1) was too frightened to move and/or (2) his cat felt safer where she was, protected by a human companion.

The cat appears to be a calico; tortoiseshell-and-white, which is why I have assumed she is female.

It is a slightly distressing video for the fact that this is a very elderly man judging by the way he’s moving and a neighbour took advantage of the activity to make a video to upload to the Internet. It ended up on Reddit.com, a social media site from which I have published it on this page.

P.S. Puncture wounds from dog bites combined with bruising (because the cat was shaken) are common. They are contaminated with mouth bacteria. The wound may be concealed under the fur and overlooked resulting in an abscess. Treating these sorts of wounds requires a vet. There will be surgery, drainage, irrigation with antiseptic solution and anti-biotics. Rabies is a possibility. If the animal is unknown or wild, a booster vaccination for rabies may be recommended by your vet.

Sometimes videos held on other websites and that being deleted for whatever reason. If that has happened in this instance then it won’t show here. Should that be the case I’m sorry but I can’t control it.


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