Picture of cat with owner and birds in cage with cannabis plant in Paris circa 1910

This is an interesting photograph because it contains a strange juxtaposition of various elements. The cat is a tabby-and-white random bred cat judging by appearance. The plant behind the cat is cannabis. To the right of the cannabis is a small aviary. It is considered unwise to have caged birds and a cat in the same home as it is believed that the birds become stressed by the presence of the cat.

Picture of cat and birds in cage circa 1910
Picture of cat and birds in cage circa 1910. The plant behind the cat is probably cannabis. Picture in public domain.
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The big question is whether the lady was smoking the cannabis! I have no idea. Perhaps she had no idea too. Perhaps it is not a cannabis plant but it looks like it. Cannabis has been used for centuries so even in 1910 in Paris, France it is quite feasible that she used it.

In 1910 the cat fancy (the breeding and showing of pedigree cats) was in its infancy. It started in the late 1800s in England with Harrison Weir. This is why I am fairly confident that the cat is not pedigree.

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  1. It could be marijuana, but at the same time, hemp looks the same, so we’ll never know. I mean, she could use CBD oil out of this plant, and if it’s hemp, there are many benefits. I don’t grow hemp myself, but I have this website https://joyorganics.com/pages/albany-ny to buy CBD products. They don’t make me feel anxious like weed does, and it’s a great way for me to normalize my sleeping cycle.

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