Picture of Morrissey with a cat on his head

This is a great cat picture which I have admittedly “stolen” from the PETA website and I apologise in advance but everything I say about the picture and Morrisey and PETA is going to be good and therefore I hope that you accept this theft. I always like cat pictures when a cat is with a celebrity because it means that the celebrity likes cats which is good for their welfare.

Morrissey, a longtime friend of PETA poses with his cat on his head for an advert
Morrissey, a longtime friend of PETA poses with his cat on his head for an advert. Photographer: unknown.
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There is always a need to promote the domestic cat with the objective of improving welfare because sadly there are still too many people in the world who either carelessly, ignorantly or deliberately abuse cats of whatever type: stray, feral or domestic.

Having got that out of the way, you may know that Stephen Patrick Morrissey is an English singer, songwriter and author and formerly the front man of the rock band the Smiths. They were active between 1982-1987. He pursued a solo career since with considerable success. He’s considered highly influential and has been credited as a “seminal figure in the emergence of indie rock and Britpop” (Wikipedia).

PETA say that Morrissey is a long-time friend of their organisation and in this photograph, he is posing for one of their favourite adverts. I think it is a campaign for PETA with the tag line “Animals on Your Mind”. Cool.

They say that he loves cats a lot and somebody started a website about Morrissey with cats. At the moment I don’t know how many cats he lives with or has lived with. Apparently, he lived with one cat for about 20 years. In 2007 he wasn’t living with a cat. It may be difficult for him. I think that celebrities who were often on the move have a difficult time properly caring for a domestic cat companion. Their lifestyle is far from ideal sometimes.

My research indicates that he has been a vegetarian since he was 11 and he is an animal advocate. He is a vegetarian because of animal welfare. He said, “If you love animals, obviously it doesn’t make sense to hurt them.”

I am a great fan of PETA. They are bold in their statements and fearless in their campaigns. It’s is what’s needed to change entrenched attitudes which negatively impact animal welfare.

I don’t know if the cat in the picture lives with Morrissey. As I am told that it is an advertising shoot, I would doubt it. The cat has a great mackerel tabby coat and is a random-bred cat judging by appearance. If you know more about the photo please comment. It’d be appreciated.


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