Pictures of a black Geoffroy’s cat

The four subspecies of Geoffroy’s cat vary considerably in colour variation and size. Unlike most other wild cat species (all other wild cat species, perhaps) black Geofroy’s cats are common. These are called melanistic Geoffroy’s cats. It is due to a dominant autosomal allele. Their normal colour is shown the photograph below being typical of many small wild cat species.

‘Autosomal’ means not a sex chromosome. ‘Dominant’ in this context means an allele with produces the same phenotype (appearance) whether it is paired with an identical allele or not. You can see that some hair strands have white tips. This reminds me of what cat breeders call a ‘grizzled’ coat – silver tips on a melanistic black coat on an F1 Chausie, a jungle cat/domestic cat wildcat hybrid (click to see this cat).


Geoffroy's cat

Can you own a Geoffroy’s cat?

The question in the title is unspecific. In order to answer the question, you have to specify where you live ...
Geoffroy's cat

What does Geoffroy’s cat look like?

Geoffroy's cat looks somewhat like a domestic tabby cat but with a higher contrast spotted tabby coat and stronger facial ...
Geoffroy's Cat Facts For Kids

Where does Geoffroy’s cat live?

The maps on this page tell you exactly where Geoffroy's cat lives. In words, this small wild cat is found ...

Geoffroy’s Cat

The name Geoffroy’s Cat is unusual as it is named after French naturalist, Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, “who identified Geoffroy's Cat ...
Normal coated Geoffroy's cat

What does the Geoffroy’s cat eat?

Let's get one point clear at the outset. The name of this cat is "Geoffroy's cat" not "geoffroy cat". I ...
Normal coated Geoffroy's cat

How do Geoffroy’s cats reproduce?

The earliest recorded age for a captive Geoffroy's cat to reproduce is 18-months-of-age for both males and females (as at ...
Geoffroy's kittens

Florida Restaurant and Wildlife Conservation Foundation Join Together to Exploit Exotic Wild Kittens

Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation have some Geoffroy's cats at their sanctuary. They're based in Florida. They are a not-for-profit ...
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