What is a feline tantalus?

I have decided that there is no such thing as a feline tantalus. However, Tantalus was a famous Greek mythological figure who was punished by Zeus for attempting to serve his son at a feast with the gods. He was the ‘rich but wicked King of Sipylus’. His punishment was to go thirsty and hungry in water up to his neck with the fruit of a fruit tree just out of reach.

Tantalus. Illustration in the public domain.
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The word ‘feline’ means cat. So someone is searching Google for a mythical cat/human figure who was punished to eternal damnation by Zeus. If this creature existed please tell me in a comment but I don’t think it does. It seems that someone made a mistake.

The source for the tantalus information is (1) Wikipedia and (2) ancient.eu.


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