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Psycho Kitty-Another Bad Book Title — 10 Comments

  1. ‘Certified animal behaviour consultant’ she may be, but she wasn’t certified by animals.
    ‘Your Misunderstood Cat’ would be a better title!
    Maybe we at PoC should write a book.

    • yea we should ruth. Often there is a reason why cats do what they do. Often its the human. Or bought up in wrong environment when they were kitties, brought up right they can be taught the right things.

  2. While I agree with you in principle, Michael, at the same time these are “catchy” title. Most of the folks who will be looking for books like this will be attracted to it since they THINK their cat is from hell, or is psycho.

    It’s what is inside the book that straightens them out. The same thing with Jackson’s show title. I am sure that Animal Planet more than likely chose that title.

    But if I didn’t know anything about cats and thought my cat was a nut job I would turn to these books and the show first.

    I do prefer the book title “The Cat Who Cried for Help”- forget the author- it may be Dr. Nicholas Dodman, DVM. But I think that one has to be a bit more cat savvy to choose that title rather than the more “shocking” one.

    Thankfully both authors- Bennett and Galaxy at least are turning people around to think differently about their cats. I am beginning to notice this while monitoring the message boards in a cat community for which I volunteer.

    • these are “catchy” title.

      I agree that there has to be a commercial element to a book otherwise it won’t sell and no one will read it and therefore no one would write it. I accept that but I am asking the question really whether one can dream up a catchy title to a book that has a commercial element to it while at the same time respecting the cat. I would have thought that was possible on a book about cat behaviour while focusing on the postive: affection, love, companionship etc.. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps it is too difficult to do that.

      • I think that you could come up with a multitude of more “catchy” titles just by pulling up some of your articles, Michael. And, they wouldn’t be cat negative.

        • I’ll try and think of one but it should at least be positive. Both Galaxy and Pam chose negative connotations when the whole point of the domestic cat is a positive experience and benefit to both parties or that is the goal.

  3. I agree with you Michael! Psycho Cat is a terrible title for a book.
    There is no psycho animal, but plenty of psycho people!
    It’s like the pro declaws saying cats tear the house up and scratch babies eyes out and such rubbish, it makes them sound like wild beasts.
    I am not much of an admirer of cat behavioural therapists at all, although some like Jackson Galaxy do good work at times, but I think ordinary cat caretakers like you Michael and your PoC visitors are more attuned to cats than the people saying they are cat experts.

  4. Merely attention getting maneuvers that translate into profit. Borderline unethical for sure.
    How many humans would have confidence in a therapist/human behavioralist who called them “psycho” or “person from hell”?

    • Exactly Dee it’s all about making money as always, the ‘celeb’ worshippers say oh what a shocking title I MUST have that book… sales sky high, therapist rich! huh!

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