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Puss in Boots Movie – Kitty Softpaws is a declawed cat — 8 Comments

  1. Seems like the creator doesn’t approve of declawing but he doesn’t go anywhere near far enough in describing declawing or it’s effects, possibly this would be a good platform for an anti declaw message as so many people seem to like watching animations but he seems to have missed an opportunity and made it sound all soft and fluffy instead of harsh and bloody. I didn’t watch the dog video, debarking like declawing fills me with loathing and makes me want to hit someone very hard.

    • Me too Babz it isn’t gruesome it just made me angry that they dealt with it so flippantly! Mind you when he told his friend his friend say it was the wrong person it was the neighbour that should have been debarked. It made me mad when I found it on You tube and each person that had posted the clip found it hilarious! They have absolutely no idea what it entails for the dog and how dangerous it is 🙁

  2. ‘Maybe I scratched her curtains or play too rough with the hamster. I don’t know why they did it, but they took my claws’

    It makes too light of declawing, that’s for sure, they didn’t take her claws, they took her toe ends. I think it’s horrible they make so light of this cruelty.

    • You’re right Ruth I totally agree they like many other just say it the claws which is potentially quite damaging can you think of all the people that will think oh really a cat that can be a cat but without claws? They portray her as being able to lead a normal cat life except she can’t pick locks! On the other hand if you think about it he also mentions that shes partially defenceless without her sword because she has no claws so he is trying to get the point across but probably the producers and whoever else wouldn’t let him go as far as he wanted with it?

  3. My gut feeling is that her declawing was featured because (a) it is a major feature of domestic cat ownership in the USA and this film is made in the USA and (b) it adds an extra dimension to the film and the script and (c) her name is referenced subtly to the declawing as well as her ability to thieve and (d) the movie’s creator does not like declawing and wants to make a point.

    Thanks Leah for the article.

    • Thank you for tidying it up (quite a bit!) and for publishing it Michael I was shocked at first but then found myself wondering about it I tried to research the writer but couldn’t find much out. On reflection I think you are right about her name it does have a subtle double meaning.

      • My pleasure and thanks for spotting the story. It is a good one. It surprised me too. It is a bit bizarre because Americans should be embarrassed by declawing and not publicising it in a mainstream film.

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