Reggie’s Looks

Reggie’s Looks

by Teresa
(Southampton Ontario CA)

Ignoring me 2/9/12 - Statuesque in all his glory!

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Ignoring me 2/9/12 - Statuesque in all his glory!

Ignoring me 2/9/12 - Statuesque in all his glory! ninja eyes 1/13/12 carpet cat 12/23/11 at rest 1/12/12

I wrote about his personality now I can brag about his good looks. The photos are not the best but he keeps moving!!

He's thirsty!


Hi Teresa.... thanks for visiting and showing us Reggie.

I couldn't find the previous post in which you wrote about his personality. Or is there a previous post - not sure?

I like his looks. He is a very good looking cat. He has a very dense coat. You can see it cracking open in places. This is an indication of a dense coat.

It looks like a coat built to protect him from a cold climate. A bit like the triple Norwegian Forest Cat coat. They say the first cats in North America came over with the Vikings and not the pilgrims from England. Maybe Reggie is descendent of the first Viking cats! Reggie the Viking cat!

I guess you know that he is a ginger tabby and white cat. He has nice plumed tail as well.

He looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat as I said. You don't mention if he is a random bred cat or not. And I can't find any other posts about him. I presume that he is random bred (a moggie) unless you tell me otherwise.

If you have the title of a previous post (if there is one) please tell me in a comment and I will link to it.

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Reggie's Looks

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Mar 20, 2012
Hes great NEW
by: Kathy W

All I can say is wow. Hes beautiful. I love your pictures. He looks like a great big baby. I especially love his tail.

Mar 15, 2012
Reggie's toilette NEW
by: Trese

Lets keep the toilet photo but change to caption to 'water play' He discovered the toilet when he fell in but not to be undone by anything, he started hanging on the edge and splashing the water around. I'd toss in something that floats and he'd be hours getting it out. I tell guests to check for a wet seat and I leave a cloth nearby.

Mar 14, 2012
Hi Teresa NEW
by: Michael

Hi, I can change the picture of Reggie with his head down the toilet but I like it! I think it is a nice picture and in fact very typical of cats. It is nothing to feel bad about.

Can we leave it on the page!?

Mar 13, 2012
Reggie update
by: Teresa

I sent you an email but says the box is full!

Well, thank you! Reg is struttin today!! His claim to fame and good looks are on the internet.

My post was under FREDU March 12.

If you will change him from a red to ginger, he'd appreciate it! I didn't know his toilet play pic came through. Can they be changed? He was a planned litter with a Dom. long-hair and a brown female tabby.

These are the pictures, as you see he really stands out, and away from the others.

Have you tried facebook? I don't use it anymore but it does get the word out.

I'll be forwarding the site along!

All the best,
Teresa O'Reilly

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