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Review of Purr Prints of the Heart: A Cat’s Tale of Life, Death and Beyond — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve lost enough loved ones, both human and feline, in my life. I have a feeling this book is going to be a very hard one to read, but I’m going to buy a copy and read it anyway. Thanks for the wonderful review, Sir Hubble. Samirah and I send our deepest heartfelt condolences for the loss of your brother.

    • Thank you deciding to give Purr Prints a try, Serbella. I understand your concern that the book will be hard to read. I suggest you take your time with it. Some people have gotten it, purposely to read it on the day a particular cat has passed in tribute, some read the book in one sitting, and for some, it takes a while – perhaps a chapter or two at a time. Ultimately, the book is meant to offer comfort and you will not feel alone after reading it.

  2. I experienced my first significatn loss, of my grandfather, when I was 6. Throughout my life, there have been so many losses, which in my background we are taught are merely steps on the journey between this earthly existence, beyond the veil to a much more beautiful and fulfilling life. In two days, I will remember the passing of my mother (13 years) and my beloved Samuda (3 years). No stranger to grief, and yet I do know that they all watch over us lovingly until we are reunited in due time, never gain to part. May we all take comfort in this assurance, whatever our faith or background — search your heart and/or your holy writings, and you will find it there.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to find a copy of this book and read it too. We are on our way to just this situation with one of our cats. Hope the book helps.

    • Iniki – I am so sorry to hear you have a precious kitty that you will have to say goodbye to soon. While Purr Prints might be difficult for you to read at times, in the long run the story will leave a strong and loving message in your heart that your beloved kitty will always be with you and that sometimes letting go is the kindest gift you can give.

  4. Sir Hubble – I can assure you Mr. Jazz would be very proud of this astute and inspiring review of Purr Prints. You remind me in many ways of him when he was being mentored by his feline cat mate, Kit. You are a wise kitty and I do hope that one day (when your humans are emotionally ready) that another kitty will come to live with you as Dr. Hush Puppy did. I just know you will enjoy having a companion to share your newfound knowledge with.

    I am so grateful to know that Purr Prints has helped you and your humans to better understand that sometimes letting a beloved pet go is the greatest gift we can give them. Thank you again for this sweet and beautiful review.

    Purrs from Mr. Jazz, Deb, and the whole Zee/Zoey Gang

    • You book is well received on Amazon with a rare 5 star rating. I could have done with it at the time of the loss of my previous cats. They were tough times for both of us.

      • Thank you for looking at the reviews on Amazon, Michael. It gives me great comfort to know the book has been able to help others. Many of those that have read it have reached out to me personally in greater depth to let me know just how special the story was to them.

        My condolences at the loss of your previous cats – the memory of them always stays in our hearts.

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