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April 2010: Here is a comparatively short world list of forty breeders of this cat. As before in other similar pages on different breeds it is an amalgam of various lists. The main reason why it is short, at 40 breeders, is because this is rare cat on my estimation. I built it because I think customers who are buyers from breeders would prefer a complete a list in one place rather than searching through a number of lists.

The Singapura is the world’s smallest cat breed. Lets remind ourselves thatminiature cats are not cat breeds but very small cats that are usually traditional Persian cats.

It was quite easy compiling this list because I have probably missed some catterries out! I don’t think that it is complete but I am certain that it is more complete than any other list on the internet.

You can see and read more about this cat breeed on this page: Singapura cat. You might be surprised to hear that although the name is based on ‘Singapore’ where it is meant to be a feral cat living in drains (the ‘drain cat’), there are very few or none as I understand it in Singapore (which is an island city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula).

The photograph is by cheesewz (Flickr) and you can see the original here.


  • American Cat Fanciers Association
  • TICA (none listed)
  • Cat Fanciers Association
  • The Singapura Cat Club
  • The Progressive Singapura Cat Club
  • Kitty Sites
  • Cats of Australia

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