The Content Cat Video

In case you missed it on Facebook, which is unlikely because it has been seen 22m times, here is the ultimate contented cat video. P.S. I missed it! This is because I don’t get to visit Facebook that much.

What are your thoughts? Mine: I envy him/her. If only my life was as content and as easy. And shorter! I think I’d prefer a shorter life but longer than the life of a cat. Not that I am complaining you understand. I have a good and comfortable life. It is not hard although it was when I was working in the conventional sense. But to see this cat so contented and well cared for at Christmas defines what ‘contented’ means.

And relaxed. I have never seen a more relaxed cat. So totally at ease with his surroundings. This is a very warm home it seems to me; both emotionally and physically. There are two major requirements of the cat lover’s home: emotional and physical warmth. The former engenders complete trust in the human. Cats need that relaxed relationship with their human companion. And the cat’s love of warmth, inherited from her wild cat ancestor in the North African deserts, is legendary. If you have both plus some entertainment (enriched environment) and some challenges you have a happy cat.

A happy cat = a happy cat guardian/caretaker.

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P.S. Over time sometimes videos disappear because they are removed at source for one reason or another. I won’t know about it. If is has happened…sorry!

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5 thoughts on “The Content Cat Video”

  1. OMG! What a great video! I hadn’t seen this before either, because I’m not on FB that often either. Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t have a fireplace, but whenever I put the heater on (like now with below zero temps in New England), both cats park themselves in front of it, head high to feel the warmth. This chill cat in the video, though, says it all. I’m jealous too!


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