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The Multi-cat Household — 1 Comment

  1. i started out with two. Then got 3 more as were rescued. Are down to 4 cats for now. My limit is 5 i dont know how other people can cope with anymore of that. Its expensive buying vet cat food plus the vaccinations when they are about $40 a shot. We are lucky that can pay things off, have a understanding vet. Our landlord is understanding, the house is on the market so i think it unfair to have any more than that. I knew someone that had 22 cats. All cats here are vaccinated and wormed and flea’ed and well looked after. We have a cat flap and the animals sleep anywhere in the house. Also make sure as the house is well venetialted and windows opened regularly and have an airomatic senser to make things smell nice. I dont think its fair having alot of cats as you cant give indivudual attention and love plus will cost alot of money.

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