Three musketeer cats climb in sync.

Athos, Porthos and Aramis are The Three Musketeers of the French book (Les Trois Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers). Here is the feline triumvirate equivalent! This is an unusual picture of cats which is why I am featuring it on the site. There is no doubt in my mind that the three felines are somewhere in Asia. I guess that is obvious because of the Asian text on the front of the building. Not sure where exactly, though. My guess is South Korea.

Three Musketeer cats climb in sync
Three Musketeer cats climb in sync. Photo:
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It also seems pretty clear that the three feline musketeers are siblings. The have the same coat type and have probably decided to stick together in the interest of security and survivability. They appear to be community cats attached to the building. Perhaps the people inside the building feed them. This is pure speculation. I am probably wide of the mark.

These are ginger tabby bicolour cats. The one in the middle might be described as a Harlequin cat – predominantly white with some coloured areas.

The reason why they’ve climbed the tree is unclear because there appears to be no benefit to it. My guess again is that the leading cat felt in the mood to climb, as all cats like to do it, and his siblings followed suit because they stick together. The top cat is probably the leader.


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