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Cat caving, cocooning and fridging

Cat caving, cocooning and fridging!

I have created an infographic based on Jackson Galaxy’s very personal concepts and language when describing domestic cat behavior. He hits the nail on the head. You just have to translate his unique language...

Three Musketeer cats climb in sync

Three musketeer cats climb in sync.

Athos, Porthos and Aramis are The Three Musketeers of the French book (Les Trois Mousquetaires (The Three Musketeers). Here is the feline triumvirate equivalent! This is an unusual picture of cats which is why...

Three bobcats in a tree

Can bobcats climb trees?

Can bobcats climb trees? Yes, they are good climbers which means they are going to be impressive. Their short tail is less useful for balance and they prefer to spend time on the ground. They use trees to escape.

Cat does not have a fear of heights

The Cat With A Head For Heights

This amazing video proves that, unlike humans, cats don’t suffer from a fear of heights (acrophobia). If you do and you have watched the video, you might find that it induced vertigo! It is...

Spider kitten climbs window

Spider kitten climbs window (video)

This video is simply another example of the domestic cat’s fantastic climbing abilities. There appears to be some sort of screen mesh across the window which allows the cat to grasp and climb. It’s...

Cats use man as cat tree

Cats use man in kitchen as cat tree

This is an amusing video. The cats are using the guy in the kitchen, who is busy preparing lunch, as a cat tree oblivious to the fact that they are climbing over a human....

Why do cats like to climb?

Why do cats like to climb?

Why do cats like to climb? We are of course talking about the domestic cat. There is a very simple answer which fully explains this behaviour without more. Domestic cats have evolved from the...

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