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  1. First things first, names with things that cats do not know about should not be used. Some examples from your text are ‘Cookiekit’ and ‘Summerpaw’. Cats call Summer Green Leaf. Anything ending in ‘Pool’ is a holy spot where a cat can connect to spirits. Adding a ‘Pool’ would make it a place. When a queen gives birth, she does not know that her kit will become a medicine cat, therefore they will receive a normal name. No names should begin with ‘Star’ because if they became leader, their name will be ‘Starstar’. The prefix to Warriorscar’s name is simply awful. Cats also do not know what a diamond is. However, I do have a Goldenblossom who is the deputy of RippleClan on CPI (Cat Paw Island), a popular chatsite. The leader is Azurestar. I still do not know how a queen could name her kit Healkit. How.
    Anyways, here is a character sheet of myself:

    Calling: Goldenblossom
    Clan: RippleClan
    Rank: Deputy
    Goldenblossom is a lithe golden she-cat with ginger and rust stripes. Her eyes are cobalt-blue, flecked with swirls of silver and dotted with emerald green. She has long claws that she dips in toxins from the SmokeStone (a Thunderpath)and polish with herbs given to her by their beautiful medicine cat, Dawnpoool (yes, a ‘Pool’, but her name was Dawnkit). Goldenblossom looks best at dawn when her fur sparkles in the light, surrounded by swirling red leaves.
    Goldenblossom is swift, loving, but can be hostile and dangerous. She has a high tolerance to kitteypets and rogues, having been one of each.
    A beautiful stream with koi and salmon (the two fish rival, having a mingled population)along with an open grassland with rolling hills and many thickets.
    Rabbits, birds of prey, and fish

    Calling: Otterstep
    Clan: ThicketClan
    Rank: Warrior
    Appearance: A golden fae with creamy fur and sand-colored tabhby stripes. She has green eyes swirled and dotted with silver and blue.
    Personality: Strong hearted and swift, she has to get over the obstacle of being a kittypet/rogue in the past. Deerstar doesn’t trust her because of that, and she has trouble proving herself. A mysterious cat framed her for wanting to start a war with ShadowClan, and she pointed out that Gingerstar might have done that to blemish her record. After being falsely accused and punished, Deerstar became angry at her for ‘throwing false accusations’ which was hypocritical. When Glorywing, the deputy of ThicketClan, becomes Glorystar, she will most likely chose Otterstep as her deputy, seeing that they are best friends and Otterstep has a very leader-like quality.
    Take a warrior cat test quiz, the biggest one you can. If the result is of a leader (One who is NOT Brokenstar or Tigerstar), the person is fit to be a leader.
    ~Hope this helps!

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