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Warrior knight a Savannah cat
photo ©copyright Helmi Flick

Warrior cat the Nomads – The fight for freedom begins but first the retreat.

This is Part 8 of the Warrior Knight Story – go to the first page.

The harsh blue neon light flickered and reflected off the glossy, cold white of the hospital tiles. The sticky warm blood oozed down his face congealing on his muddy collar. He screamed in pain. The good doctor looked on in bewilderment at the damage inflicted. ” Your face will need at least 50 stitches” he casually declared. The patient screamed even louder. The consultant was tending to the twolegs who had trespassed into the Warrior cat world to kill. He had killed and he had paid the price.

“I’m sorry old boy, but I can’t save your sight, too much damage. It must have been a very powerful animal that did this. I’ve never seen anything like it”. A junior doctor, eager to make a contribution interjected, “they say there’s a panther in the forest living with the feral cats. Only a big cat could do that.”

The Warrior Knight’s ferocious and committed defense of his family of warrior cats had left this particular twolegs forever blind. The Warrior Knight had said that this person would never shoot another warrior cat. The Warrior Knight always did what he said. His integrity was second to none. It was the mark of his true blue blood and bearing. Honor and truth ran through him as his blood ran through his veins.

The forest was warm this night. The silent and watchful trees had seen violence. For a thousand years the trees had seen the ugliness of violence set against the beauty of nature. History had passed before them. Twolegs had scurried through the forest over the eons as though lost, unsure and forever searching for a better life never realizing that it was in front of him, in the forest. Here was twoleg’s chance to connect with nature, to feel the spirit of the forest and the landscape but he ran on through it, disconnected from his roots preferring to take pleasure from killing deer. He had hunted deer in the forest when it had been created almost a thousand years ago.

Warrior Knight rested on the damp earth. Although tired he remained watchful. He could never rest. He had fought back against twolegs and they would chase him down for the rest of his life. He accepted this in the cause of justice for all feral cats, all warrior cats.

The soft dawn light flickered though the gently rustling leaves glancing the ground in bright patches of florescent light. The light of the morning was the light of anticipation for a fresh start. Every day for the warrior cats was a new life, every day could bring life or death. They all lived on the edge.

As the warrior knight had commanded, all the clan leaders assembled in the secret chamber in the dark copse at the appointed hour. The Warrior Knight sensed anger in the air. “Why have you stirred up trouble?”, one leader shouted. “We have always managed to hide from twolegs and avoided trouble”.

“Yes”, responded the Warrior Knight, “and you have always be trodden on, despised by many and, yes, I admit, treated tenderly by some twolegs. But tender twolegs is outgunned by alpha twolegs, who wants to destroy us. In the short term I have caused trouble. The benefit will not be mine or yours. It will be the future generations that will benefit, when we are long forgotten.” {the Warrior Knight, however, would never be forgotten}

“We will become nomads, forever moving until we can stop at a place that we can call home, where we will be safe and at one with nature. Where, as I said, twolegs will come to us as a visitor to admire us and respect us and above all to treat us as equals. It may be a thousand or ten thousand years before that moment comes and this is the beginning.”

“We must move now. Today we travel to Milkham Green and rest at the Kings Garden on the edge of the Great Plain. We will stay the night at the copse on the edge of the plain and thence to Bolderwood via Backley Bottom. Are you all with me?”

new forest map
Warrior cat the Nomads –
Map of part of New Forest – 1814


“Yes, the warrior cats cheered”. The adventure had begun. To the next instalment, Warrior cat the long march >>>>>

Warrior cat the Nomads – Map – thanks to http://web.archive.org/web/20150724033044/http://www.newforest.hampshire.org.uk:80/historic_maps/maps_intro.html
This map is presumed to be copyright free due to effluxion of time

Warrior cat the Nomads – Photo of Savannah cat – this is a fine F2 Savannah cat that I have chose as the fictional Warrior Knight and can be seen on the Savannah cat page. The photo is the copyright of Helmi Flick – please respect copyright.

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