Warrior Cats The Last Stand

by Daylee
(United States)

My idea is about a new kit, Snowkit, who is half Thunderclan, her mother is Briarpaw, and her father is a strange rogue.

Snowkit’s personality is funny, kind, caring, and most of all intelligent. her pelt color is white with pale gray ears, pale gray front paws’ and a gray tipped tail, in other words, she looks NOTHING like her mother.

Her mentor is Jayfeather, (yes I know he is still a young med. cat), but the young she-kit shows great potential in herbs, and is caring and very determined.

When Jayfeather suggests this to her, her blue eyes sparkle with rage. Of course she wants to be a warrior, but Starclan makes it clear that the destiny of a med.cat is the life she was born to live.

Snowkit accepts her destiny with a snarl of rage and protests, but eventually she decides that no other cat could do the job as well as herself. Snowpaw becomes the most fast learner and Jayfeather finally announces her med. cat name, Snowstorm.

She is at first thrilled, but soon she has a horrifying discover, that Jayfeather had been told by Starclan that they had made a place for him among the star’s, and it would only be a few moons, if not sooner.

Snowstorm soon feels the longing to be with a cat, Tigerheart. But, however she fights the tempatation, she gives in and at last Tigerheart persuades her to come with him. They leave the clans behind, ready to start a life of their own, together.

At first she is happy and exited, then she begins to feel that she made the wrong choice. Snowstorm explains to her forbidden love that they should go back. But he refuses. After all, they would be in deep trouble, right? But something was troubling Snowstorm deeply.

Jayfeather would die soon, and their wasn’t enough time to train a new apprentice. On the last moon starclan had given her mentor to live, she snuk out, careful not to wake Tigerheart. Snowstorm raced away. She knew that Thunderclan needed her much more than Tigerheart did.

When Snowstorm entered the camp, she expected to be welcomed, as well as scolded, but they were all in a ragged circle around one cats’ body. Jayfeather. Snowstorm heard one cat whisper, “thank starclan Snowstorm came home, or we wouldn’t have a medicine cat!” Snowstorm looked at her dead mentor, and knew that a monster from the thunderpath had struck him. Snowstorm held her head and tail high, trying to ignore her mothers’ purrs and soft scolding, and instead focus on her new loyalty to thunderclan, the greatest medicine cat the world had ever known.


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Warrior Cats The Last Stand

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May 01, 2011
by: Audrey Smith

That sounds like Leafpool and Cinderpelt! Jayfeather must not die! he is one of the three! And Tigerheart is a dark forest lame-o! Snowstorm sounds like she deserves more than him! This is a good plot though. please write the book and publish it!

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  1. this sounds like a really good story but after which of the books? If it’s after the last hope isn’t he a little old for Snowstorm


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