WCW uncovers National Institutes of Health’s $770,000 funding of a Kremlin-run animal lab that damaged cats

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has once again uncovered the wasteful expenditure of tax dollars, in this case the funding of a Kremlin-run animal testing laboratory which damaged cats’ brains and forced them to run on treadmills. The National Institutes of Health shipped US$770,000 to this laboratory.

Following a WCW campaign, the funding was cut for this and other Russian animal testing laboratories earlier in 2023.

WCW uncovers National Institutes of Health's $770,000 funding of a Kremlin-run animal lab that damaged cats
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Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) report highlights this work by WCW. The report also criticises Fauci and the NIH for wasting tens of millions of tax dollars to fund Monkey Island, a South Carolina island where WCW first exposed the fact that NIH breeds and stockpiles 3500 monkeys and ships hundreds of them each year to be abused in their maximum pain experiments with a bowler and other dangerous viruses.

This year’s Festivus report also criticizes the NIH’s wasteful spending for another boondoggle first uncovered by WCW: Fauci’s Monkey Island.  Located off the coast of South Carolina, 3,500 primates owned by the NIH are bred and confined on the island that received over $33 million in recent years just for maintenance, in addition to the tens of millions wasted to experiment on the animals.

The senator’s report also refers to WCW’s efforts in uncovering other wasteful government animal tests including Fauci’s biting fly tests on beagles in Tunisia, multi-million-dollar NIH experiments where monkeys are hooked on meth and forced to “gamble” for a sip of water, and a USDA project to determine whether black or yellow Labradors get hotter when walking in the sun.

Further, the report also criticised wasteful animal tests exposed by WCW, including the NIH’s cocaine tests on puppies, a videotaped hamster fight club, and experiments on drunk mice in Chile.

There is a statement from WW’s Senior Vice President on the report.

“Senator Rand Paul’s epic Festivus Report provides a reliable roadmap of reckless government spending, and we’re honored that he included our exposé of wasteful taxpayer funding of Putin’s cat lab that ultimately ended the project as well as our investigations of Fauci’s Monkey Island and BeagleGate scandals, the NIH’s meth head and gambling monkey tests and USDA’s silly walking hot dog experiment. A growing majority of taxpayers—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike—oppose Uncle Sam’s wasteful, dangerous, and cruel animal experiments at home and abroad and don’t want to be forced to pay billions for these boondoggles. We’re proud to work with Sen. Paul on bipartisan efforts to find, expose, and defund $20 billion in wasteful government animal experiments in the U.S., Wuhan, and hundreds of other labs overseas. The way to get the feds out of the animal testing business is simple: Stop the money. Stop the madness!”

Dr. Fauci served as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Director from 1984-2022.

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