Is animal welfare poorer in autocracies compared to democracies?


There’s a good chance that animal welfare is weaker in autocracies compared to democracies, but it’s not a simple yes or no answer. Despite that balanced beginning, I think you can almost guarantee that in autocracies and dictatorships, animal welfare is poorer than in true, well-established democracies. I discuss the topic below. For me, …

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Video shows heroic animal rescuers saving cats and dogs from Avdiivka, Ukraine

Still image from video of Ukrainian animal rescuers rescuing cats and dogs in the almost totally destroyed Ukrainian town of Avdiivka, Ukraine

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is an effective but distressing video of Ukrainian animal rescuers rescuing cats and dogs in the almost totally destroyed Ukrainian town of Avdiivka from which Ukrainian troops withdrew as it had been surrounded by Russian troops and artillery for a long time. Ukrainian military commanders decided it was wiser to …

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UK’s teenage girls are like canaries in a coal mine signalling dire world problems

The schoolkids are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up in managing the planet so they stop eating in a kind of protest

The kids – acting like canaries in a coal mine – are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up the management of the planet. The self-indulgent, egocentric adults don’t get it but the kids do. The kids see it and feel it. They see a bleak future but the adults are still …

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War machine Russia becomes uncivilised towards stray dogs and cats

Shelter dogs in the east of Russia being shipped west by train to save their lives.

In Putin’s big push to win the war in Ukraine he has increased the military budget to 30% of GDP. The average in the West is around 2%. In 2024, Russia is a war machine and a terrorist state. Most citizens of Russia are unaware of it except that they must be seeing substantially …

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Russian Railways now prohibit attendants from chucking pets off trains

Twix chucked of Russian train by attendant into -30 Celsius and snow

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a very recent development which has come about because a ginger tabby-and-white domestic cat, Twix, was thrown off a Russian train in freezing conditions with deep snow on the ground because the cat had escaped his carrier while the owner was asleep and the attendant mistook the domestic cat …

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Rescue cat in Irpin, Ukraine dies of a heart attack during Russian bombardment


NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a little story tucked away on the internet, almost invisible, but important, about the death of a rescue cat in Ukraine during the illegal war started by Russia which continues to be so devastating to people and animals. The story serves to highlight how the war is killing animals. …

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WCW uncovers National Institutes of Health’s $770,000 funding of a Kremlin-run animal lab that damaged cats

White Coat Waste Project uncovers more taxpayer dollars waste to fund a Kremlin run animal testing laboratory in Russia to the tune of around three quarters of $1 million

White Coat Waste Project (WCW) has once again uncovered the wasteful expenditure of tax dollars, in this case the funding of a Kremlin-run animal testing laboratory which damaged cats’ brains and forced them to run on treadmills. The National Institutes of Health shipped US$770,000 to this laboratory. Following a WCW campaign, the funding was …

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Four Pallas’s cats raised by domestic cats at a Russian rescue center being fed raw chicken

Russian farmer finds Pallas's cat kittens in his barn and takes them to a rescue center where they are raised by domestic cats and fed raw chicken

This is an unusual story, perhaps a unique story and one which strikes a chord with me because quite a lot of people ask whether you can keep Pallas’s cat as a pet. The answer is that you cannot because although they look super cute with their long and dense fur and their interesting …

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