What cat breed is Felix?

I’ll presume that the question refers to a famous cartoon cat, Felix the Cat, who is almost certainly not a member of a cat breed. Felix dates from the 1920s. The cat fancy had not been in existence for that long at the time and there is no indication that the creator, Pat Sullivan, modelled Felix on a cat breed. The animator Otto Messmer and Sullivan agreed that Felix was inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “The Cat That Walked by Himself“. The book was one of the Just So Stories (1902). Kipling did not take inspiration for the story from a purebred cat.

Felix the Cat
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Felix the Cat. Image in the public domain.

Rather Felix is a random bred, black-and-white cat; mainly black with white on his face which makes him a tuxedo cat in modern cat language.

I have a very full page on Felix so I won’t go over his life here. Please read the page by clicking on this link. Thanks.


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