What is ‘cat’ in ancient Egyptian?

The question asks what is the ancient Egyptian word for ‘cat’? I have had to explain it because the question is not 100% clear. It is a question that people ask Google and sadly Google does not produce the correct answer at the time of this post. Hopefully it will now.

In ancient Egypt the cat as known as Maau, Mau-Maï, Maon or Mau.

The famous street cat of Egypt which became a purebred cat in America is the Egyptian Mau (Egyptian cat). You’ll see them if you go to Egypt. The purebred version is prettier but distanced from the genuine article.

Egyptian Mau street cat in Egypt with her kittens

Egyptian Mau street cat in Egypt with her kittens. Picture in the public domain.
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Feral Egyptian Mau cat in Egypt
Feral Egyptian Mau cat in Egypt
Egyptian Mau
Modern purebred Egyptian Mau created in America. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.
Egyptian Mau Origins Map
Egyptian Mau Origins Map

Source: Cat World by Dr Desmond Morris.


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