What is the Maine Coon temperament?

The Maine Coon, in the US, is perhaps the most popular purebred cat today in 2017. The others in the top four might be the Persian, Siamese and Bengal. The Persian is more popular in Asia. The reason why I have said this is because for a cat breed to be so popular it must have a really nice temperament as well as a great appearance and this applies to the Maine Coon.

Tabby-and-white Maine Coon
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Tabby-and-white Maine Coon. He/she looks young and fabulous.

The Maine Coon is a relaxed and easygoing cat. They are considered to be ‘sweet cats’. In general, they get along well with children and dogs. I say ‘in general’ because all cats are individuals. You can’t really describe the character traits of an entire cat breed accurately, you have to generalize.

Maine Coons are people orientated but described as ‘not overdependent’. They don’t demand attention. It would appear that they are not necessarily happy to be held. This indicates a self-contained character. An expert in breeding cats, Gloria Stephens, says that the Maine Coon (MC) can develop close attachments to their owners to the extent that they ‘become recalcitrant when the owner is away’. This would apply to most cats however but perhaps more so in MCs.

Blue Maine Coon

Blue Maine Coon. You won’t get a more impressive looking domestic cat. Awesome.

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They tend to have tiny voices and can be fairly quiet. They are the largest purebred, non-wildcat hybrid, domestic cat but not all Maine Coons are huge cats. And their long fur can give the impression of a larger size than is the case.

Maine Coon Zak

Maine Coon Zak. I loved this cat. I am not sure he is still alive. He had a quiet, reserved, cautious temperament which was enormously endearing.

I struck up a very sweet relationship with Helmi Flick’s Maine Coon, Zak, in America. He was a super cat. He was quite shy and reserved and he made that typical MC trilling vocalisation. It was very endearing. I would certainly describe him as ‘sweet’ and charming. I was very fond of him. I visited America twice with a 2 year gap and he remembered me clearly after 2 years.

I find it easy to praise and recommend the MC. They have what I’d call presence because of their size and charm; an attractive combination.

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2 Responses

  1. Rena Lee says:

    Sensitive, devoted, intelligent and gentle are all adjectives I’d use to describe my Maine Coon. While he was extremely sensitive towards my feelings, he expected the same courtesy from me towards him. Sometimes it was a challenge trying to figure out what was upsetting him. He had an incredible memory and could even hold grudges for great lengths of time if he felt he was wronged or not getting his due.

    My Maine Coon even had a fondness for sitting at the dining table to join company for conversations or for meals. He had perfect table manners and would sit in the chair I’d place for him without ever placing so much as a paw on the table.

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