Is a Maine Coon, Savannah mix possible? Yes and no.

Maine Coon Savannah cat mix is possible physically and biologically but it's not allowed per cat association rules

Is a Maine Coon, Savannah cat mix possible? That’s the question and there are two ways to answer it. The answer depends on whether you comply with the cat associations breed standards or not. Maine Coon breed standard disallows outcrossing The reason for that is simple. The Maine Coon breed standard states unequivocally that …

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Lykoi Maine Coon mix called a Lycoon

Formally speaking the Maine Coon Lykoi mix is a hypothetical breed and will never happen under the auspices of the cat fancy

This man on TikTok, Robert Coad (robertcoad530), claims to have bred a Maine Coon/Lykoi hybrid or a Maine Coon Lykoi mix which he calls a Lycoon. And he appears to be doing this informally in his apartment or house. He presents his efforts on TikTok. He is very pleased with himself but I’m not …

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Where is the Maine Coon from? The origin.

Origin of the Maine Coon

There are perhaps as many as a dozen different theories on the origin of the Maine Coon believe it or not. One of the most unusual is that the Vikings imported Norwegian Forest Cats into North America in Newfoundland, Canada, in 1021AD! They sailed from Norway on those small boats. Sound feasible? 🤔 The Norwegian …

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Which cat is more affectionate, a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll?

Which cat breed is more affectionate between the Maine Coon and the Ragdoll? The Ragdoll.

The Maine Coon and the Ragdoll are both very popular cat breeds. They are probably both in the top five most popular. They are both large cats. The Maine Coon is, in general, the largest cat breed and the Ragdoll is a close second. They are both bred to be affectionate and good companions …

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The reason why it is difficult for an app to identify a cat breed correctly

App to identify cat breeds

You’ll probably find more than one app online which you can download to your smart phone (cell phone) which claims to identify cat breeds from a photograph. The picture shows a screenshot from one which is available on Google Play and it’s called Cat Scanner: Breed Recognition. It has a 4.2-star review with 1 …

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Maine Coon is described as a ‘natural breed’ but is it?

'Natural breed' is an oxymoron

You see it often: cat show judges and even Wikipedia describing the Maine Coon cat as a “natural breed”. In fact, Wikipedia opens up with the statement that the Maine Coon cat is “one of the oldest natural breeds in North America”. It seems to me that the phrase “natural breed” is an oxymoron, …

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Photo of a fierce-looking Maine Coon deemed to be ‘hateful conduct’ by Twitter X and viewing restricted!

Photo of fierce-looking Maine Coon deemed 'hateful conduct' by Twitter's algorithm believe it or not!

Elon Musk has a problem with Twitter X’s algorithm which scans images and decides if they are in violation of the social media platform’s policies. This is presumably artificial intelligence (AI) gone wrong. It is bizarre and frankly stupid although not uncommon. Nowadays the internet is already managed in large part by pain-in-the arse …

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Investor in cat DNA testing start-up business made about $2.4 million when it was sold

Kevin O'Leary in 2012

NEWS and COMMENT: There is clearly a lot of money in DNA testing of cats. Kevin O’Leary had a hunch that his investment into a start-up company at the time called ‘Basepaws’ would make him a lot of money. O’Leary was taking part in an American reality TV programme called ‘Shark Tank’. It’s a …

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