When a child, Kloé Kardashian was incorrectly told she was allergic to cats by her mom

The Sun newspaper has an article about Khloé Kardashian wanting to get a new dog or cat after her split from “cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson”! She wants a new dog when she moves into her new home. Khloé has set her heart on getting a dog but her daughter True has set HER heart on getting a cat. She loves cats but her mother Khloé said that she has never looked after a cat before and doesn’t know anything about them.

Kloe with dog
Kloe with dog. Photo: Twitter.
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Khloé Kardashian has done some research on dogs and has been trying to persuade her daughter True to adopt one. In that vein, she considered telling True that she is allergic to cats. The idea came from the fact that her mother told her that she was allergic to cats her entire childhood.

She said:

“My mom told me that my entire childhood. I never questioned it. Genius move!!”

Comment: perhaps, then, the reason why Khloé Kardashian does not want a cat and prefers dogs is because her mother told her when she was a child that she was allergic to cats and she believed it. As she is not allergic to cats, she should open her mind to the possibility (as she apparently is) of adopting a cat as is the desire of her daughter True.

It was a bit cruel of her mum to tell her she was allergic to cats. That’s quite a profound thing to do. It is a case of indoctrination; mind control. Kids can believe what their mother or father tells them all their lives unless something happens to change the thoughts implanted into their heads.

I wonder how she found out her mother had manipulated her mind. Perhaps she told her mum she wanted a cat but was allergic and her mother came clean.

Khloé Kardashian’s sister is Kim Kardashian. As I understand it, Kris Jenner is their mother. They are all high-profile celebrities making millions from their celebrity status. It is said that “On the last season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner gifted three puppies to her daughter, Khloé Kardashian, for her birthday following the death of her dog.”

Jenner has a standard poodle, I believe. Kim also owns two dogs named Sushi and Saké. They are a dog family. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was highly successful, fueling the desire for billions of aspiring wannabes to seek celebrity status and earn a living from pouting in front of the cameras.


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