Are dogs better than cats at killing rats?

Terriers and farmers go ratting and the dogs love it and are aggressively fearless in contrast to most domestic cats today.

My conclusion is that dogs are better than cats at killing rats; specifically, the Jack Russell terrier is better than any cat breed and even the moggie. One commentor (see base of page) said that dogs need to be trained to be efficient ratters but don’t find that very convincing as dogs are predators …

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Fundamental reason why domestic cats don’t walk with their owners like dogs

cat on leash. These are set up images.

Although, sometimes, domestic cats do walk behind their owners for a relatively short distance (a behaviour characteristic that I explain below), in general, it is fundamentally alien to domestic cats to walk with their owner on a lead like a dog on those nice country walks in the park. If you could talk to …

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Described as a cat in a dog’s body. What breed is it?

The incredibly stubborn Husky

So, this companion animal groomer (the girl with the dogs) with a TikTok account has boldly and successfully – judging by the more than 10m views – claimed that a husky is a cat in a dog’s body by which she means they are ‘incredibly stubborn’ and hard to train. My research confirms it. …

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Why are there so many more dog breeds than cat breeds?

Many dog breeds. Far more than the number of cat breeds

Theis is a discussion on why there are many more dog breeds than cat breeds. It is about the differences in dog and cat domestication and trainability. I’m presenting the information in bullet form. The grey wolf was domesticated perhaps up to about 20,000 years before the North African wildcat was domesticated. Therefore, the …

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Reason why dogs have facial expressions and cats hardly do

Doe-eyed dog

Although some people might believe it, it’s not true that cats do not have facial expressions. I would like to get that out of the way initially. Cats do show their mood but it is very subtle and most often it concerns feeling pain. The face becomes tighter and it subtly changes shape. Therefore, …

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Cats vs dogs – it’s a draw as expected

Cats versus dogs

You know in a general contest of this sort I might say that cats win but that would be stupid. There are no winners. There are just differences. The New Scientist (NS) conducted a comprehensive analysis. Their research indicates that dogs are better. But of course, people will be divided. Cats are better than …

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Dogs in dating app photos help to get the girl. Not so for cats.

Man and dog

The conclusion of studies on straight men catching straight girls through dating apps is that your chances of success are improved if you include a dog in your selfie profile pic. By contrast, if they include a cat the girl is slightly repulsed because they think the man is effeminate and neurotic. I am …

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When a child, Kloé Kardashian was incorrectly told she was allergic to cats by her mom

Kloe with dog

The Sun newspaper has an article about Khloé Kardashian wanting to get a new dog or cat after her split from “cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson”! She wants a new dog when she moves into her new home. Khloé has set her heart on getting a dog but her daughter True has set HER …

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