Woman’s ‘dinner bell’ yodelling call to her cat will make you smile

Simon is her cat. He has a nice belly flap that flops from side to side when he races in from the garden after his mom – Girl Keaton – calls him in her very distinctive and customised call which is a modified yodelling-type sound for me. The woman has a strong voice. I think she can sing.

Cat responds to unique call for dinner
Cat responds to unique call for dinner
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It is his ‘dinner bell’ and it is a very cute, personalised calling technique which Simon fully understands. It is an example of how cat caregivers all over the world talk to their cats in their way. It happens because we know that cats can’t understand human language but they can understand the sounds that their caregivers make. So, this is about the sound and this woman’s call is a very distinct sound which makes it very effective. Try it sometime! 😃🙀 You won’t be able to as it is all her own.

Simon is a tad plump by the look of it as he loves his dinner. Maybe that’s another reason why he comes so promptly. The belly flap is entirely normal and very nice. You can see it flapping around from left to right as he trots in. A lot has been written about this enigmatic piece of feline anatomy. The general view is that it aids in locomotion at high speed. It allows the underside of the cat’s body to stretch. Not sure if that is correct to be honest but it sounds good.

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