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10 countries where they eat cat and dog meat (2020) — 8 Comments

  1. These animal advocates need to stop!! Dogs and cats are animals and can be used for their meat just like any other animal. We need to change the attitude of Americans and animal advocates change the views of Americans to see dogs as just another animal, yes it can be a pet if its well-trained. But they can and should also be used for their meat. I would love to buy dog-meat sandwiches and other dishes made with dog and cat meat right here in the United States but I can’t because of these animal advocate nutters… I read dog and cat meat tastes quite good. Thanks a lot animal advocates for denying me the ability to purchase dog and cat meat at local restaurants!!!!

    • killing them inhumanely? unnecessarily? yes. Face it, dogs are smelly animals that eat their own crap and vomit. The only good dog is a well-trained dog those service dogs who are quiet, don’t jump on people and lick them all the time and so on. And other working dogs. If people would put more effort into learning how to form good long-lasting human relationships with other humans this dog nutter culture would disappear quite fast. Again I say dogs are animals, and lets change the culture rather than dog rescues, lets serve them up for dinner at restaurants here in the United States and many other countries.

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