Black Cat Portrait

A picture on a warm day in London of Charlie, a black cat who happens to have three legs. The whole photo session lasted about 5 mins. Like all cats he is not that keen on being photographed. You have to get the picture quickly. He still looks handsome despite his advancing years. I think he is somewhere near 12.

Black cat portrait photograph
Black cat portrait photograph by Michael
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You can see the spot of rusty fur where the sunshine has illuminated the black fur.

17 thoughts on “Black Cat Portrait”

  1. I wish that could happen, Michael, but not in this life, unfortunately. Even were you or I to travel to the other’s country, neither of us would risk air travel for our precious feline companions. We need a Tardis like on Doctor Who! Until someone invents that there is no good way to transport a cat that distance. Or a human for that matter! My late husband always said, “If you have time to spare, go by air!” and he was a pilot of a small airplane. He loved air travel, but accepted the limitations caused by bad weather with that form of travel. It is nice that the miracle of the Internet allows us to share our feline companions with each other without ever leaving home.

  2. Wow, what a great photo. I could be biased– he does look a lot like my Monty
    — but I think that is one of the best cat photographs I have ever seen.

    • Thanks Ruth. It sounds strange but it was pretty easy to get really. I like his face in this picture. Tranquil and strong.

      He went under a bench near my flat and the weather was fine. Grabbed camera, lay down on grass, took about five photos and tried to get him to look towards me. The best one is when he looked away slightly and the light is nice. I adjusted exposure upwards because photographing a black cat tends to make the camera overexpose because the camera sees black!

      He does look like Monty. I would love to photograph them side by side!


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