Minimalist cat art by Asian American artist Anita Yan Wong

Anita Yan Wong art work of a cat

Anita Yan Wong is an Asian American Women Artist best known for her expressive brush strokes and unique style of “Contemporary Traditional” paintings that defies tradition and modernity. The artist, who taught at UC Berkeley S.F. extension California in recent years, is a 4th generation Lingnan painter (which originated in southern China in the …

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‘Ballerina cat’ features in the Sony World Photography national winners

Ballerina cat

A photograph titled ‘Ballerina’ by Kazutoshi Ono, Japan, was award 2nd place in the Sony World Photography awards. I am unsure but I believe this means that Kazutoshi came 2nd in Japan. It is a fine cat photography. I have taken an extreme liberty in publishing his excellent photograph here. If there is an …

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By today’s standard Chinese artist of the medieval era depicted the cat poorly

Medieval cat painting from China

This is a topic that interests me: how artists of the mediaeval era depicted domestic cats in their paintings. And I’m sure that they felt that they were painting an accurate representation of the domestic cat before them. But by today’s standards they are quite poor for one reason: they humanised them. They painted …

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Creepy pictures of a Sphynx cat in a wig and dress

Spooky Sphynx in woman's clothes and wig

These are just plain creepy. Creepypasta comes to mind. They were brilliantly set up and taken by a very clever photographer who I believe is the cat’s caregiver. They have a very mysterious mood. But at this time, I don’t know the photographer’s name. The photos come from a much-retweeted tweet on Twitter. Someone …

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His childlike pet drawings have raised thousands for rough sleepers

Phil Heckels' drawing of a cat

You never quite know the formula for becoming an internet, social media sensation perhaps because there is no formula. But, Phil Heckels’s questionable skills as an artist have caught the imagination of the public. With a pinch of salt, he amusingly calls himself an “acclaimed artist” but he is taking the Mickey out of …

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