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Domestic Cat Weight Statistics — 5 Comments

  1. Jozef is about the right weight, Walter is a bit overweight, but Jo is more active than Walt who sleeps a lot more.
    Both cats love their food but I can’t say that Walt eats more than Jo. He’s a bigger made cat altogether, he was a big kitten and matured early.
    I think as long as their health isn’t affected it doesn’t matter being a little bit overweight.
    It’s like people really, I once lost 3 stone on a diet and everyone was saying ‘Oh Ruth are you ill, you do look awful’

    • Both Jo and Walt seem to be normal sized cats around 10 pounds. I just wonder if American cats are bigger than British cats! It sort of seems that way if it was Americans who used the poll.

  2. Monty has been gaining weight. He’s been begging for food a lot lately and I must be giving in too much, because he’s getting big. I told my husband that Monty is fattening up for winter. My husband responded that unless Monty plans to hibernate and not eat any food all winter he has no business fattening up for winter and the extra feeding has to stop.

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