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Gender Profile at Animal Shelters — 2 Comments

  1. On the empowered women subject. Women are making great strides in all areas of management and power. What used to be atypical is no longer valid. Women who are qualified have just as much right to a job as men do. In my college class this year most of the students want to be nurses. There are six females and two males. When I have been hospitalized there were several males nurses. Likewise, there are more and more female doctors in other areas besides OB/GYN. In fact, the new thing is minorities getting equal pay and better jobs. The women got what they deserved, equal footing. Even in the military.

    People who choose to work in shelters just happen to be women. I think the women that have been my boss were well deserving, hard working women that acted correctly and fairly at all times. However, I have met women that use their sexuality to get people to do what they want. This is wrong. If a male did that he would be charged with harassment, but when it’s a woman the men aren’t willing to report it. They like it. So it has created some problems, but that’s life I guess.

    One area where there are a 50/50 split on sexes is our Zoos. The wildlife rescue programs seem to have more men than women, but it depends upon the species, with the ones I am familiar with. Men just want different things than women. I would love to work in a shelter, but would love to work in a wildlife rescue center or a zoo even more. I love all animals, but would tend to want to work with any feline. Just how I am.

  2. Our local ASPCA shelters seem to have a bias toward women in the actual shelters. However, the Animal Control Officers have a lot more males. In fact they were featured in Animal Planet series”Animal Cops Phoenix” From there I saw most of the main shelter and a bit of the outlying shelters. I noticed in ever shelter on each of the episodes almost all of the volunteers were 12-14yr old girls.

    Interesting post.

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