Discussion: How many of us are practicing veterinary medicine without a license?

This is a discussion article on how many of us as animal lovers are practicing veterinary medicine without a license. After reading of Tammie Hedges arrest and being charged with practicing without the proper veterinary license, I decided to look … please continue reading

Wayne County, NC woman arrested after housing animals rescued from Hurricane Florence in a warehouse

UPDATE 6:57pm: Tammie has been released on an unsecured bond of $10k. Her court date is 10/17 at 1:30pm in Courtroom 3 at the Wayne County Courthouse. She has a consultation with a lawyer next Tuesday afternoon, but if anyone … please continue reading

Crazy Claws N Paws Animal Confiscation: Wayne County Animal Services Won’t Tell Me Why

Tammie with some of the rescued cats. Photo courtest Casey Mozingo

In a follow-up to Elisa’s article about the confiscation of cats and dogs from Crazy Claws N Paws by Wayne County Animal Services, I have twice telephoned Wayne County Animal Services to find out why they did it (click to … please continue reading

Disturbing situation in Wayne County, NC as animal control removes pets rescued during Hurricane Florence

Tammie with some of the rescued cats. Photo courtest Casey Mozingo

UPDATE September 21, 2018 from Tammie’s rescue Facebook page. “Just to update everyone, Tammie was just arrested and is being taken to county jail. They sent two cars of men to arrest one 4’10” female! Charged with practicing veterinary medicine … please continue reading

Pictures of converted school bus cram-packed with rescued cats and dogs

These are great pictures of Tony Alsup driving his specially bought and converted school bus with the seats removed and replaced by 53 dogs and 11 cats in carriers. Tony Alsup is a real go-getter. During Hurricane Harvey he decided … please continue reading