Tiny kitten rescued just in time is showered with family love

Tiny kitten rescue just in time is showered with family love

This tiny kitten was rescued just in time and is now showered with family love. A wonderful journey from near death to a life brimming with love. He is best buddies with the huge, lovable family dog who took to the ginger tabby kitten immediately. The kitten’s smell fascinates him. The kitten is likely …

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Ukrainians march with pets to freedom via only means of escape

Ukrainian woman refugee fleeing Ukraine on this occasion into Poland with her two cats and dog

Currently, the only means of escape for Ukrainians trapped in the Russian-controlled east and south of Ukraine is through a northern crossing on the Ukraine-Russian border called the Kolotilovka Pokrovka checkpoint. It’s near the town of Sumy. This means that they have to travel huge distances from the south of Ukraine in Russian-controlled territory …

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Video shows heroic animal rescuers saving cats and dogs from Avdiivka, Ukraine

Still image from video of Ukrainian animal rescuers rescuing cats and dogs in the almost totally destroyed Ukrainian town of Avdiivka, Ukraine

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is an effective but distressing video of Ukrainian animal rescuers rescuing cats and dogs in the almost totally destroyed Ukrainian town of Avdiivka from which Ukrainian troops withdrew as it had been surrounded by Russian troops and artillery for a long time. Ukrainian military commanders decided it was wiser to …

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Good behaviour by anonymous citizens in kitten rescue versus deplorable behaviour by world leaders

Grey kitten rescued from the engine compartment grill of an SUV in a fast-food restaurant parking lot in rain

I want to relate a beautiful little story about the rescue of a sweet, terrified gray kitten in America. It’s a story of really nice human behaviour by anonymous citizens somewhere in that vast country. There are millions of really nice people on the planet doing good deeds which, for me, contrasts starkly with …

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I feel like all the animals in Gaza are all screaming and crying and are seeking shelter… and I can’t help them

Saeed al Err the founder of Sulala Animal Rescue

NEWS AND VIEWS: The words of the title are those of the founder, Saeed al-Err, of Gaza’s only animal rescue center: Sulala, when speaking to a volunteer with the shelter during this ghastly war. He’s distraught as he can’t help them. Sulala is an amazing animal rescue center. They have a nice website which …

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Four Pallas’s cats raised by domestic cats at a Russian rescue center being fed raw chicken

Russian farmer finds Pallas's cat kittens in his barn and takes them to a rescue center where they are raised by domestic cats and fed raw chicken

This is an unusual story, perhaps a unique story and one which strikes a chord with me because quite a lot of people ask whether you can keep Pallas’s cat as a pet. The answer is that you cannot because although they look super cute with their long and dense fur and their interesting …

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