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Happy Anniversary Sealy! — 16 Comments

  1. Happy Anniversary, Sealy! Bless you, Elisa, for rescuing him! This is a very touching story! I am happy to pray for Sealy and follow him on facebook! Blessings to all of you! Robin Shane

  2. Happy Anniversary Sealy, and may you have many more! 🙂 I am so glad that you’ve found a family with such loving, caring humans. You are so adorable *hugs*

  3. Happy anniversary Sealy – your story is wonderful and inspiring, but most of all you just sound like a sweet cat to spend time with and that means your mama is lucky that you made it. Plus you have a great name 🙂 – what an adventure it has been for you, the good news is it’s calmed down and things won’t be so ‘adventurous’ anymore. Seems like you finally have a a healthy life again and your own home.

  4. I have been following Sealy for a while now, and i have just loved watching him heal and becoming the wonderful, handsome fellow that he is! Happy Anniversary Sealy! You are loved by soo many!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary Sealy, Elisa, and Laura! Sealy you have made pawprints on not only your Mama’s and Sister’s hearts, but ours as well. You are an amazing cat! Love and purrz, Brenda. P.S. Let me know when you need more nip! I have a garden full of top quality, organic stuff; frozen right now, but it won’t be long until it starts to grow!

  6. sealy ive been following your story and it is amazing what strength you have to go through everything.you and your family are so blessed happy 1st.anniversary and many more to come..

  7. How could anyone not be a huge fan of Sealy. His is the feel good story of the decade– now that everything turned out all right. Just reading about all you went through with PETA and the fire stressed me out!
    Sealy looks like Monty in pictures, but they are quite different. I can’t believe Monty’s old sweater was too big on Sealy. There is no way Monty would ever squeeze into it again. I like your description that Sealy seems like a little old man. I think you may be right and he is a cat who had a very hard life fending for himself, at least for awhile. Since most feral cats only live one to three years, it stands to reason he had a home and family for at least part of his life. If only he could talk. But maybe his story would be too sad to bear hearing about it. Better to just know he is a cat with a happy ending to his story. I love that he climbs under the covers with Laura. Our cats did that when we were kids because our house was so cold. Sealy might have brain damage, but he’s smart enough to know the warmest sleeping place. My guess is he likes the clothes because he is cold. That could be due to age, but maybe the part of his brain that regulates body temperature was affected by the accident, so that he has trouble keeping warm.

    • That could be it Ruth. I never thought of his internal thermostat being out of whack. The house isn’t cold to us or the other cats. Sealy is the only one that appears cold and I think we were lucky to understand his need for comfy pajamas. At least he’s smart enough to get under the covers at night.

  8. Happy Anniversary Sealy and many more to come, with lots of love from your Auntie in England and cousins Walter and Jozef too.

  9. I attended the event and I really enjoyed all the crazy pix of cat-nipped kitties! So grateful for you Elise. You’re desire to work so hard to save just one life is inspirational. I mean that. Give Sealy and Furby headbumps and kisses from me!

    • We had a lot of fun doing it. I’m making a scrapbook up to post on the party page so I extended the event. Theres an album on Sealys Facebook page with all of the party pics. As for Furby he’s still meowing at himself in the ceiling mirror in the living room. And with the soft blanky in the cages Sealy has also abandoned us for a cozy bed. Ah…life with finicky cats…

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