Tiny kitten rescued just in time is showered with family love

Tiny kitten rescue just in time is showered with family love

This tiny kitten was rescued just in time and is now showered with family love. A wonderful journey from near death to a life brimming with love. He is best buddies with the huge, lovable family dog who took to the ginger tabby kitten immediately. The kitten’s smell fascinates him. The kitten is likely …

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2 things an elderly, ill person can do when adopting a cat

Charming picture of an elderly woman with her beautiful cat at home

Scenario: you are 70+ years old and want to adopt a cat companion but are unsure how to do it as you don’t want to leave your cat companion on your passing. This may be a particularly pressing issue if you are chronically ill and can foresee your death. Yes, that sounds very uncomfortable …

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‘Red’ a female tabby cat at an Aussie shelter needs a home urgently PLEASE!

Red is a tabby-and-white female rescue cat at a large shelter in Australia and she needs a new home urgently, please!

I would like to introduce ‘Red’, a charming but regular looking tabby cat who is sadly stuck at a large Australian animal shelter owned and managed by the Australian Animal Protection Society. She was surrendered by her owners in September of last year not because she was a problem to them in any way …

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Should rescue centres charge more for pedigree cats and dogs?

Is it fair that some rescue centers have higher adoption fees for purebred cats than moggies?

Some quick research indicates that some rescue centres charge more for purebred, pedigree cats and dogs. In other words, the adoption fee is higher for pedigree animals but is this policy fair and proper? RELATED: Be saintly and adopt a rescue cat you don’t like the look of Before I try and answer the …

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Rescue cat in Irpin, Ukraine dies of a heart attack during Russian bombardment


NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a little story tucked away on the internet, almost invisible, but important, about the death of a rescue cat in Ukraine during the illegal war started by Russia which continues to be so devastating to people and animals. The story serves to highlight how the war is killing animals. …

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Can you keep a cat that you find in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a public place?

Legal ownership of a rescued cat

The answer to the question in the title might, under some circumstances, be tricky but I’m going to try and simplify it. If you find a cat that has CLEARLY been thrown away i.e. abandoned, in a cruel way because you find the cat in a plastic bag in a garbage bin in a …

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