27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

27-year-old adopts 26-year-old cat

Thomas is a 26-year-old cat adopted by a 27-year-old woman, Laura, from a shelter. Good on Laura. It is very unusual for a cat to live this long and also rare for a young person to want to adopt such an elderly cat. But elderly cats bring a lot of pleasure to the owner. Just be ready for difficult health decisions including possible euthanasia. please continue reading

Kitten with 4 ears and one eye finds a forever home with fosterer who fell in love with him

This is the happy ending story of Little Frankie, a young kitten found in Australia under a house along with his brother. He recently found a forever home with the fosterer who fell in love with him. The siblings were … please continue reading

Historic Algonquin Hotel gets a new cat ambassador in friendly feral adopted from a local rescue

An orange 1-year-old tabby found searching for food in a feral colony near Hempstead, Long Island is the newest member of Midtown’s historic Algonquin Hotel. Appropriately named Hamlet, this friendly feral kitty is the 12th Algonquin cat ambassador and the … please continue reading