IPhone Cases Featuring Cats

A bit of a lighthearted diversion. There are some brilliant iphone cat cases out there. Here is a selection from Amazon.

IPhone Cat Cases
IPhone Cat Cases
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What with the expense of owning an iPhone and the nice designs on these cases it probably makes sense to get one if you like cats. You can have a look at a wide selection by clicking on this link: Selection of iPhone cat cases on Amazon.com

They apply to North American customers only I suspect.

There are very few cases featuring cats on the UK Amazon website as far as I an see. Typical.

The prices are very low averaging around the $2-$4 mark. One of the most expensive is the fancy one – silver on black – top right of the picture above.

6 thoughts on “IPhone Cases Featuring Cats”

  1. wow, cool, makes me want an iPhone. I had one for a while but they are too much trouble, what with updates, itunes and not being able to actually look at your files on it – so I got a phone with android. As much as I like it so much better I do miss out on all the cool cases. I guess they must make some cases for other phones but not such a great choice I’ll bet. They even make a fish eye lens for iPhones now, or just a wide angle if you’d prefer. I like the top middle black and white one best I think, but the silver and black one is pretty cool too 🙂

    • They are cool. Probably a nice Christmas present which is partly why I did the page. I am thinking of getting an iPhone. What would you recommend instead Marc? I use a MacBook Ppro 17″ for my work so I am more or less an Apple person but I do have a PC as well.

      • I am also an apple person and always have been. The problem with iphones is its complicated to do simple things – there is this whole ‘synchronise’ through itunes business which replaces just being able to see whats on your phone using it like an external hard drive. I would only suggest an iphone if you really want to use iCloud since thats strictly apple stuff. Do you use the ical or address book apps? I am a gmail user and android is made by google so when I started up my android phone all my google contacts appeared on the phone and there’s a built in gmail app and gmail chat app if you use that. You can get whatever you want for android without a credit card (unlike iPhone) such as Skype, facebook, and whatsapp and a whole bunch of other stuff which you can probably get on iphone but on iphone you get it in 10 steps whereas on android you get it in about 2. I would suggest googling the subject with your own personal preferences. For me, I need a good camera and good video on my phone and the ability to access those mediafiles easily. I also prefer a bigger screen. I have a samsung with a big screen and android (the OS) on it. I’m not sure why everybody is mad about iPhones. You cant download one file from an iPhone, you have to synchronise all the files and untick everything you dont want – the whole proces has to be done through iTunes or iPhoto. There are some tricks to get around this nonsense but in the end why bother. Apple seems to be getting worse – they recently made it impossibleto download a boarding card for a flight onto your phone unless you do it using some new app they made which will only work if you are with an airline who is paying them to let customers download their boarding card with this app. Its absurd and a massive pain when you plan to do something one way and realise they are stopping you – you can’t – without using their one and only system. The main good thing abpout apple is the operating system on the computer. Its way better than windows will ever be. Try not to use any miscrosoft software because its so awful to use its incredible. Almost unbelievable. For windows users being on the computer and messing around with stuff is no fun at all so I guess they only use computers to work or browse the web because the whole experience is so crappy. Apple has a great OS and although they have been doing alot of annoying stuff lately, its still brilliant and it still gets better each time. When they cam eout with Windows 7 everybody thought it would be good and it was literally the same old total incompetent nonsense designed only to be good for programmers and people who know or have studied computer science. To the average user windows is just that – a bunch of windows where you try pushing every damn button to get something to work, and in the end it still tells you stupid things like ‘you are connected to the network but you have no internet’ and eventually you just give up and hate it. lol. I could go on.

        If you use ical, iPhoto, itunes, safari (use firefox or chrome they are better) – address book, ichat, apple mail – if you use alot of these and you want your phone to be synchronised with your computer then think about getting an iphone. I use apple mail from those, and Reminders, but thats it, and although I do have the free version of iCloud because I have about 3 or 4 apple laptops of all sizes and ages it does one or two cool things but for my phone android is the good thing to have. It recieves my email perfectly and my gmail (i have email for work on our own server and gmail is personal) and I can plug it in to my laptop and see all the files on it and I can even just use it as an external HD for transporting files – I can put images on it easily, just by dragging them straight on ….etc etc its easy and straight forwards and you are not bombarded with hour long updates you have to do every other day like with apple iPhones.

        I will try not to write a whole essay here 🙂

        • Thanks for taking the time to give me some clues. I do know computers well but I hate mobile phones but have to join the 21st century. I have a very old mobile phone. I hate the things you hate and I like most Google stuff. It is simple and clean. I don’t use iTunes or iCloud or any of that stuff. I don’t like syncronisations. It just clogs things us and is annoying. I like to keep things manual rather than automated as it gives better control and simplifies things. So I might go for a Samsung. What model do u have? I like the drawing program on Samsung. I presume there are no compatibility problems between Samsung on Android and Apple computers.

          • The drawing program? I have a huge one with a pen ‘galaxy note’ – but if you want something not quite so huge get a ‘galaxy s3’. HTC also have Android as their OS and they make good phones too. I think sony ericsson also run android but I am not certain of that. Personally I like a fair sized screen for looking at stuff, photos, web pages (which I hardly ever do by the way but since I have a phone I guess thats what I care about) and when I’m on the train I look at lolcats because they have an android app and it beats doing anything else on the train for now 🙂
            My smasung galaxy note is very big and has a pen and you can draw with it and you can draw on pictures, make notes etc etc – its pretty amazing, thats why I got it. I figure if I am getting one for free with a contract I may as well get something super fancy and play with it when I get bored. They all seem to have 8megapixel cameras and HD video recording now – which I use all the time, usually photos or videoing my cats actually. HD video is pretty impressive, you’d be suprised. But these smartphones can do so so much more and there are thousands of apps you can download and play with, translators, calculators, games, converters, internet and chat apps, so many. When I’m on the train I play around and look at what it can do but the rest of the time its my phone and camera really and sometimes USB storage. No compatibility issues with apple, works fine. I, like you, prefer everything manual so I can be selective and quick, so I don’t sync anything. I drag my photos to my own folder, not to a program like iPhoto etc etc music too. These phones all play movies and music, forgot to mention that since I never use it. They have wifi so you dont use data from vodafone or whoever your provider is, but in England you guys have such great deals for phone plans so even if you use data (ie browse the web without wifi, using satellite/vodaphone data coverage) you pretty much never run out. Its almost impossible to use more than a gig in a month even if you do skype video calls every day.

            Smartphones are pretty cool and amazing things I guess and I suspect you will never find the time to really see everything they can do but they are fun nonetheless and can of course do the few things you use them for better than you might think.


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