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  1. Wonderful – and for once extinction isn’t a primary discussion around these lovely looking cats. Maybe they are just too small and normal to be worth anything to humans with bad taste. I’d love to take care of a cat like this if I lived safely away from roads and people. I am really going to make it my goal in the next 10 years create the perfect environment for cats to grow up with the pleasures of the outdoors if they so choose.

    Then I will have more space and might be able to help some older unwanted cats for example (they must exist here and I have seen some in local classifieds). I’d even consider creating an old cats home for cats to come and live out their days peacefully and warmly with the nature all around for their pleasure.

    The only slightly dangerous animal we have are foxes but even they are not usually a danger to full grown cats so they say. This cat sounds like it would need to have outside access to survive and be happy – but what a pleasure and honour it would be to care for one or two of them.

      • Well if they are not endangered its better than if they are. Eating them is awful but if they are wild then it is not so awful for the locals I suppose. But if they have them as friends in their homes and then eat them I would find that simply appalling.

        There is not much of a cat problem here but perhaps if I had some kind of shelter it could be of use to the cats in the area. I know there are shelters but I think they are not over full so I am not sure of the need for another shelter in the area. I would like to look into it. Maybe I can be useful. I’d first like to move to a place that can be a paradise for cats. Eventually with land I could even enclose the perimeter or something. I’d like to give cat stuck for a long time in shelters a better place to live without needing to be adopted out. What I do know from online local adoption pages is that there are some special needs or just old or black or otherwise unwanted cats who do spend a really long time in the shelter. I’d like to be able to help those cats maybe. To see a cat not get adopted for 6 months or a year and then take them myself and offer them for adoption but without urgency since they would be living the good life already. That kind of thing. A retirement home for cats perhaps. Maybe I am being unrealistic but what I do know is that I have plenty of energy and will also have plenty of time eventually for them so why waste it. I like to see them happy. I like to help them. My father recently died and although I work and can look after myself I will be inheriting a part of his worth which would be enough to set something like this up quite easily I would imagine. I’d like to put it to good use. Thats why I am thinking of finding the right property in the area where cats can safely be outside and if I start taking in more than just myown cats then I’d enclose it with a perimeter fence etc etc. Am I just dreaming? It sounds really nice to me and all it takes is motivation and the money. Plus property is an investment worth having these days so it could work out well in many senses.

        I have been to Tamil Nadu. I did not know that. I’m glad I didn’t know that!

        • The Sokoke is a semi-feral or domestic cat. Perhaps some are pure ferals but the small picture on bottom right of the collage on this page shows a boy with a Sokoke kitten so you can see this cat is pretty tame, feral cat or not. It is not a wild cat that is certain. They say they live in the forest. If that is so they do so as feral cats. Not good to eat them but this seems to anecdotal so we can’t rely on it.

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