The Bad, the Good and then the Ugly

This is a cat story, which, as is often the case, is about people. Ninety percent of cat stories are rooted in the behavior of people.

This cat story, which is going around the internet, shows us in stark contrast the differences between the sort of people that interact with cats. I have always said this: that in America there is a polarisation of cultures in respect of how people interact with cats. And it is not just in America although there are a lot more cat shootings in America because of the controversial gun laws.

Cat Shot in the Eye

“Clarisse” Cat Shot in the Eye. I believe the photo is from the 9WAFB website. Thank you. Montage and words by Michael.

The Bad

A person dumps a group of 25 unwanted but fully domesticated cats in a town in America. The town is Ethel (is that in the south, in Louisiana near Baton Rouge?). They appear to have been dumped on someone’s land but that is not relevant to the story. The person who dumped the cats is clearly doing something bad and highly irresponsible on several levels. His or her behavior shows a complete disregard for the cats’ welfare. There was a high probability that some of the cats would die and the person dismissed this possibility. The person probably failed to get his or her cats sterilised and things got out of control. This is not untypical except for the number of cats involved and the manner of dumping them. Although it seems that the person who dumped them might have taken them to a rescue facility if there had been one in the area. Apparently there are none.

Then along comes…

The Good

There are always kind-hearted, decent people who can’t stand by and not do something when they see animals in need. So they start to look after this new colony of cats.There is a large body of people who care for stray cats, often feral cats. They do this for the cats. It is almost entirely altruistic. Sometimes people who care for stray cats are bullied and harassed by people who live in the area. It can be difficult work.

Then one day, November 12th apparently, Amy turned up to help and found a massacre. Some cats had been shot. Some were dead or dying and some badly injured. The shooters had targeted the eyes and behinds of the cats, shooting at close range. Quite sadistic.

The Ugly

These are the people who like to hurt and kill cats. They are ugly of mind and spirit. They are bad people. When the shoot cats they often use .22 rifles. For people who don’t know guns .22 refers to the caliber (size) of the bullet. .22 refers to .22 of an inch in diameter or about one fifth of an inch across the bullet. This is a lightweight rifle ideal for taking pot shots at animals apparently. I think the notorious self proclaimed cat killer “Woodsman” who uses other alias, uses a .22 rifle.

Killing stray cats whether they are domestic or any other kind with a .22 rifle is not uncommon in the USA. However, to drive up to a colony of cats in a four wheel drive vehicle with, apparently, the deliberate aim of shooting at a group of cats is rare. It is an extension of the cat killing habit of some people.

Do people really care about this? Well…some do for 5 minutes until it is forgotten. Nothing changes. It seems to be getting worse.

The cats are now being cared for and some have been rehomed. The good people are still working on this.

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The Bad, the Good and then the Ugly — 10 Comments

  1. This is terribly sad. I think it was kids just out having a laugh. They really should be thrown in jail for good. I don’t think one should offer any kind of forgiveness for this. Even if the perpitrator(s) show remorse its clearly just an act to escape punishment. It’s clearly the act of sociopathic people born of zsociopathic parents. Its heart breaking. I hope they are caught and shot.

    • I wonder whether it was kids. Are you sure? If it was kids it is indicative of the sort of culture generated by some parents and environments that is so out step with what is decent and fine. It is terribly sad and not good as a generally indicator of the wellbeing of a country.

      • I think it was a bunch of idiot drunk teenagers out with daddy’s guns. Poor education is the underlying cause of this sort of thing, especially when it’s adults who do it.

        • dw please tell me more. I think I agree. I think there are millions of fine cat caretakers in America. You know far more than me about the culture of different groups of people from different parts of America. Is the south more basic than the more refined northeast or is that heresy? I do disagree with the gun laws though. Without easy access to guns would this crime have happened?

          • Sure there are millions. I hope Liz will write on this. She is more articulate and would educate us all on the subject. There are so many cultural differences in our country, it is as if some are from other planets all together.

            • California is more like Europe. We are closer in mentality to Californians. I am not sure why. The people in the south seems to be more culturally backward in relation to their attitude to wildlife. Although I am guessing somewhat. It may help people understand how to improve animal welfare and our relationship with the wild cats if people could tell explain why California is more progressive than say Kansas.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Not the kind of story I want to take in due to it’s tragic nature. But it’s newsworthy, it should help create awareness, and it merits a discussion.

    First question is what sort of person would dump a couple dozen domesticated cats on a property and why?

    A person who has no reverence for the life of animals might do that. I can’t imagine any justification for it. Obviously that person must have known that many in the group of 25 wouldn’t live long.

    It makes me wonder why this person didn’t try to adopt them out.

    Second question is what are the motives and what sort of person would shoot or harm a cat?

    Answer may be young people who haven’t been raised to respect animals. Could be a hunting crew that likes to kill any sort of animal. Could be a group of drunks. Could be someone that hates cats.

    It’s been my experience that in the U.S.A so many people respect dogs but so few respect or even like cats.

    Could it be that the later don’t understand cats? Do they not understand their personalities? Is it because they are smaller, more independent, and less gregarious than dogs?

    Where I grew up and where ever I have moved I’ve noticed that relatively few people like cats.

    If people understood cats better, would they care about them or like them better?

    Thanx for bringing this issue to light,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

      • Hi Michael,

        As sad as the story may be, I’m glad you wrote it. It’s an important issue that needed to be brought to the attention of the public.

        =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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