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  1. Ocelot don’t harm anyone and they still kill them it’s not necessary so I’m just trying to make a difference between people killing animals that don’t harm anyone.They only harm you because you harm them. By.

    • Thanks Crystiana. Yes, ocelots don’t harm people. But for many years people have killed the ocelot for his/her skin (pelt). People like bright looking skins to wear. I hate this. Thanks for commenting.

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  3. Hi Michael,

    The Ocelot is a pretty cat and you’ve posted some nice images. Love the coloring and pattern of the coat – spots, stripes, and ring bands.

    Didn’t know they were strong swimmers but I’m not surprised.

    I hate it when people kill animals to make fur coats. And those cats are so small that it takes a lot of skins. The problem is demand and lack of reverence for animals. Greed of course drives the industry. I’m always sorry to hear that the growing human population destroys an animal’s habitat. How much of the forests and wetlands have to disappear before the mainstream becomes concerned enough to stop the destruction?

    An interesting and unusual tidbit about the Ocelot is that it picks off all the fur or feathers of it’s prey before it eats it.

    One thing that decreases their numbers is that when their bushes and trees are cleared out, they have a lot of difficulty catching prey because they like to ambush the prey.

    Interesting read,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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