Plymouth, Pennsylvania cat cruelty case: ‘This bastard used hooks. He fed them hooks.’

foreign object fish hook

An act of animal cruelty has taken place in the Plymouth, Pennsylvania area that is so heinous it’s almost hard to imagine. Several cats who were abandoned when the owner was evicted are allegedly being lured by an evil man … please continue reading

Update on Poodle: Raleigh cat released from bite quarantine and has a safe place to stay

Poodle the cat

This is a quick update on Poodle the cat who was taken into quarantine in Raleigh, North Carolina after she was accused of biting someone. Garrett, Poodle’s owner, believes she has been abused by his roommate for quite some time … please continue reading

True or False: No way a wildlife trapper is willing to risk their license for a cat.

We have a duty to care for feral cats

This year has turned out to be even more dangerous than in the past for feral and domestic cats. I’m looking for answers and those with colony cats are looking for answers as well as advice on what can be … please continue reading

Raleigh cat owner says his cat was taken into quarantine for biting roommate while being abused

cat cruelty

This is a very disturbing story about a Raleigh, North Carolina cat, Poodle, who was taken into quarantine for biting someone who resides in her home. Her owner believes his cat “Poodle” has been abused on multiple occasions by a … please continue reading