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Accidental Ways to Harm or Kill your Cat — 21 Comments

      • Talking of laser pointers, using them too frequently can lead to obssessive, compulsive behaviours in some cats. They can become so addicted to chasing after the elusive red dot, that light chasing in itself becomes a behavioural problem.

        • And the battery operated chase laser that goes in circles can be dangerous because cats eventually figure out where the source of the light is coming from and will stare directly into the laser.

        • I can see that happening. Gabriel loves it. He loves it more than his favourite food. I was thinking of using the laser pointer play as a part of clicker training him to come on demand so that he is safer when he goes outside (if he ever goes outside except on a leash or in an enclosed area).

          I know some people thinking training a cat is wrong but I see it differently. There are benefits.

  1. I read a friends Facebook post a few days ago where the cat choked to death on a toy feather from one of its toys. We have to supervise playtime as well.

  2. A reed diffuser is what landed Sophie with an overnight stay at an emergency vet hospital. I didn’t know that she’d knocked one over during the night, but when she was withdrawn and not wanting to eat in the morning, I knew something was wrong. When I then discovered that diffuser had been filled with Zoflora, I rushed her straight to the emergency vet in case she’d been poisoned from licking it off her paws. Thankfully poisoning was quickly ruled out by the vet, but they were unable to diagnose the cause of her consistently high temperature. The following morning she was discharged into the care of my regular vet for further investigation. He gave her a thorough examination and spotted that her back claws were a little scuffed. He said the most likely cause was she’d had a bit of a scare, had quickly scrabbled up a wall to get away and was stressed from the event. She stayed with him for the day, was given antibiotics and by the evening her temperature had dropped sufficiently for her to be allowed home. Within a couple of days she was completely back to normal.

    I no longer have reed diffusers in my home and would also alert people to the dangers of Zoflora or any other disinfectant which turns cloudy when added to water. Such products contain phenols and they are highly toxic to cats.

  3. I remember on the first article someone commented about her boyfriend rolling over on her cat while they were napping and killing it. I was so afraid I’d do that with Furby that every time I woke up I’d lift him high into the air to see he was still breathing and moving. No wonder he’s so paranoid as an adult. But people do kill their cats by rolling over on them in the bed.

  4. The more I consider the potential hazards in and around the home and beyond for the domestic cat the more I realise that a lot of cat owners are not aware of them.

    Vigilance and awareness is a sign that a cat caretaker is doing a good job.

    The rescue organisation manager from whom I received Gabriel as a foster cat said “accidents do happen”. Yes, but they bloody well shouldn’t. It is up to us to minimise them and not casually accept accidents causing cat deaths and injuries as part of life.

    • I think too many people are so focused on the dangers outside, that they forget there are many indoor hazards too.

      I hope this article gets a lot of comments. Raising awareness about these potential hazards, will help all of us minimise the dangers for our cats.

      • You could successfully argue that there are more hazards in the home than outside. A lot of them are semi-hidden or unknown. In fact, for the cat there is no outside or inside. It is all one.

        • I think there are more dangers in the home for humans and animals because many are hidden from our awareness as being dangerous.

          Posting these articles on Facebook and other sites can save lives.

          I have a couple of windows with blinds that Mitzy likes to sit in, so I’ve shortened the cords as a safety precaution.

          Being a pseudo detective has it’s benefits.

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