Animal Abuse In Greece

Feral cats Greece - Photo by mr savoury (Flickr)

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Feral cats Greece - Photo by mr savoury (Flickr)

Good day readers. Today I'd like to make everyone aware of the animal abuse that goes on in Greece. I didn't realize until I started researching this article that Greece has the highest per capita cases of animal abuse of anywhere in Europe.

The idea for this article came from a website a friend sent me the link to. There's actually an internet site in Greece where videos of animals being abused are posted as entertainment. This is one internet site we need to get shut down immediately. I've tried to find this site the petition links into where the abused animals are posted online for entertainment. No luck, but I signed the petition anyway.

The Greek government is likely aware this animal torture website exists and just doesn't care because nothing is being done to stop it. That's my opinion after researching this subject.

Here's a video showing how serious the animal abuse in Greece really is. DO NOT watch this video if you are easily upset. I'm only including it in this article as proof the problem is real and it's horrible.

Animal abuse in Greece is beginning to impact the tourist business. Those who have been to the country and witnessed first hand the abuse taking place say the abuse is a contradiction. The Greek people are among the friendliest people in the world. Greece is beautiful. But travelers are tiring of the abuse they see when they visit. Many are taking their euros elsewhere because of this.

The abuse of cats and dogs roaming free in Greece is the same suffered by the rest of the world. Abuse, neglect, abandonment, and inhumane slaughtering. The number of homeless animals is caused by the same problem we in the U.S. face- failure to spay/neuter. Prevention is not high on the list of Greek citizens.

One couple who witnessed a Greek restaurant owner kick away a starving dog stated the trip she was on in the country would be her last.

Greece is known for it's cats who wander freely in the streets. These cats are even used to promote the tourist trade. They're on calendars and t-shirts. Yet these same cats are poisoned and killed by the residents.

The overall problem seems to be how many residents of Greece view companion animals. Spay/neuter isn't taught because many of the citizens and also the government don't see the importance of TNR. So unless the people of that country change their perception of dogs and cats, the killing will probably continue.

This is a major concern to the good people (as most people in Greece ARE) of Greece who love their pets. They believe as the majority of us believe. That animal abuse is only one step away from abusing a human.

Greece needs the world to step up and make them understand animals should be protected by law. The abuse, which has gone on for many years, needs to stop. The laws are on the books and they should be enforced by the government.

More information on this problem can be found by typing "animal abuse in Greece" into your search engine.

Have any of the readers here visited Greece or any other country where cats and dogs are openly abused? I've never been outside the U.S. and trying my best to learn of other cultures.

My message to Greece is to clean up your act and stop the killing. Your tourist trade is going to suffer because people are getting tired of animal abuse. They'll spend their money in countries where the animals are treated with respect and love.


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Animal Abuse In Greece

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Jun 24, 2011
not all true
by: Anonymous

There are many people in greece that feed stray dogs and cats i see some of these dogs and cats when i visit greece and they are fat i mean real fat. I notice bowls of water and food out for them but i am pretty sure they do not have shelters otherwise they would not be on the street. There are people probably that abuse them but probably more people feeding and taking care of them otherwise they would not be fat. Also if u watch the news and see the riots u do see the stray dogs along side the people they do look fed and healthy right on tv. I wish some shelter and adopting agencies would be set up to adopt them out to northern european countries since they do have a better track record. These strays r extremely smart to navigate and cross city streets and would make great pets.

Mar 29, 2011
by: Linda

One website I know is
They show many things including videos and photos of animals being abused and killed.
They should be closed down, the petition is closed but this website is still showing these videos and photos.

Mar 05, 2011
Response to comment made by GreeceIsTheBest
by: Michael

The next time you use the "F" word and make a comment that is an aggressive rant you will be banned indefinitely and the comment will be deleted - non-negotiable.

If you disagree with someone say it politely and argue your point soundly, please.

Your comment tell us a lot about you.

Michael Avatar

Mar 04, 2011
Go to google
by: Elisa

and type in 'cat abuse in Greece." I suppose ALL of those people are lying. I realize most people in Greece are good people. If you'll notice I report on a lot of abusers in the U.S. so I'm not singling any country out. There are good and bad everywhere. I write these stories in an attempt to get people everywhere to keep their cats safe and away from cat haters.

Mar 04, 2011
Fuck You thats not greece
by: GreeceIsTheBest

OKKK so first of all it doesnt snow in greece so thats not greece and i live there and traveled everywhere so dont go saying that greeks actually do animal cruelty we actually love and adore animals we treat them with care and love so why dont you get your fucking lies of the site and btw we dont cook animals and restraunts do give them food we never push them away we ACTUALLY HELP THE ANIMALS and we feed them and care for them.So why dont u actually go to greece then FUCKING MAKE A SITE and remember while your there why dont u make up a couple more lies to tell us

Mar 02, 2011
Awful and sickening
by: Leah (UK)

I feel sad and very sick when I think of the depths of depravity people will sink to get their kicks. I've signed the petition as it must be made clear that for every one of these sick phsycopaths there's a thousand animal lovers that won't tolerate it.

Mar 02, 2011
Animal welfare deficit
by: Nigel

It's a sad realization that Greece, a civilized and friendly country, is also home to some of the worst incidents of cruelty towards animals. State legislation is in place making ample provisions against animal abusers, yet it is seldom enforced in practice. Call it indifference, neglect, carelessness. The fact remains: animals are having a rough time there. This is not to say there are no animal lovers amongst the Greeks, only that they're in the minority. As a resident of Greece I have been witnessing daily cases of brutality involving strays, 'pets' and wildlife alike. There are many associations, privately motivated, involved in the care and well-being of injured, tortured and abandoned animals. They do excellent work, but are few in relation to the magnitude of the problem. They're also underfunded. The State should be persuaded to play its part in this major social and humanitarian problem, through appropriate policy measures involving education, public information, financing of animal care centers and observance and enforcement of the law concerning animal welfare.

Mar 02, 2011
more sick humans
by: kathy w

Sorry, i couldnt watch the whole thing I could only watch up to the two dogs hanging. I now feel nauseas. This is just more of that sick human stuff Im always talking about. These poor animals didnt ask for these fates. Its just some more of the not sharing the earth examples. Humans want to rule the world. Not respecting our fellow animal brothers and sisters. Look at those faces! These poor things didnt ask to be in a world ruled by sick humans. And I agree its just one step to human cruelty. I think these are the sick people who would rather be killing humans, but these poor defensless animals cant fight back. They dont even know they are being abused, they just silently accept their fates. They dont have any say in their fates. This is sick stuff alright!!

Mar 01, 2011
East of Albania
by: Michael

East of Albania animal welfare goes to pot. Although that is a generalization. It reaches its nadir in the Far East where cats are cooked for dinner after a brutal death. That is a generalization too but true.

Michael Avatar

9 thoughts on “Animal Abuse In Greece”

  1. We witnessed the abuse of a cat in a Restaurant in Corfos, Mykonos, by a CHILD!
    She enticed the poor innocent creature over with food, as soon as the the cat came over for the proffered food, she kicked it away. Then offered the food again to the poor creature and kicked it away again as soon as it came. It was heart breaking! Her Family seemed to be oblivious to her abhorrent behaviour. It actually reminded me of the Jamie Bulger case in the Uk. Lads of a similar age using their deranged power on an absolute innocent.

    1. Thanks, Linda, for your comment. It is shocking and frankly depressing. The attitude is horrendous. They’d do far better to channel all their energy into neutering programs to start to control the stray cat population than be cruel to stray cats who were put there by the citizens of Greece.

  2. Today I learned about the dreadful treatment of animals in Greece, and as a result, it’s a country I will never visit. When I read about the abysmal treatment of donkeys and mules in Greece, I was devastated to learn these poor, gentle animals are forced to carry overweight tourists up 500 steps under the scorching sun while being deprived of food, water and rest, and they are never given any kind of medical assistance. Homeless street animals are also treated cruelly.
    Mahatma Gandhi once said, “you can judge a nation by how it treats their animals”.

    1. I agree entirely. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lisina. Humankind can be so cruel to animals. We are only just beginning to re-evaluate our attitude to animals. Exploitation has been the MO for eons (MO – modus operandi).

  3. Today I learned of the terrible abuse of animals, particularly donkeys and mules, cats and dogs as well in Greece. I also learned that animal abuse is against the law in Greece. However, the law is not enforced. I was planning to go to Greece with the possibility of buying a vacation home there, but I have now canceled my plans due to the miserable treatment of animals. The tourist industry in Greece will suffer terribly because of this, and so it should.

  4. Sadly, animal abuse and neglect is all too real in Greece. I’ve rescued an abused dog from Greece and know what kind of cruelty that is being perpetrated on the animals there. I agree with the post that the only way this is going to change is if the government starts enforcing the laws. This won’t happen unless people speak up and pressure the government to make it a top priority. The animals are innocent and rely on us to protect and care for them. If we don’t do it, then who will? This cycle of suffering has been occurring for decades, if not for hundreds of years. As fast as the animals are killed, poisoned, die of neglect, starvation or diseases there is another generation of pups and kittens to take their place. The greek culture looks at sterilizing their pets as something harmful or un-natural and this practice only perpetuates the cycle. If you want to help, please voice your concerns to the ministry of tourism: ma*****@mi*****.gr

    1. Many thanks Dimitri for your comment and support. Why does the Greek culture see sterilisation as harmful when fertility causes so much harm and pain?

      1. Michael, that is a good question. For some reason they feel it’s harmful to the animal to have it sterilized but they don’t find it harmful to throw away a sack full of puppies or kittens. I’m not sure what the answer is but there are many contradictions from the Greek people when it comes to animal welfare.

        1. Some other contradictions that I can think of are:

          1. Why do many Greeks oppose animal rescue groups that are there trying to save the lives of their animals. Would they rather the animals starve in the streets or be poisoned at the end of the tourist season?

          2. Why do many Greeks get a dog only to tie it far away from their homes to a tree or barrel for the entirety of its life?

          3. Greeks are know for their kind and generous nature when it comes to other people, but sadly, that friendliness ends when it comes to the animals.

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