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Animal Abuse In Greece — 6 Comments

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  3. Sadly, animal abuse and neglect is all too real in Greece. I’ve rescued an abused dog from Greece and know what kind of cruelty that is being perpetrated on the animals there. I agree with the post that the only way this is going to change is if the government starts enforcing the laws. This won’t happen unless people speak up and pressure the government to make it a top priority. The animals are innocent and rely on us to protect and care for them. If we don’t do it, then who will? This cycle of suffering has been occurring for decades, if not for hundreds of years. As fast as the animals are killed, poisoned, die of neglect, starvation or diseases there is another generation of pups and kittens to take their place. The greek culture looks at sterilizing their pets as something harmful or un-natural and this practice only perpetuates the cycle. If you want to help, please voice your concerns to the ministry of tourism: ma*****@mi*****.gr

    • Many thanks Dimitri for your comment and support. Why does the Greek culture see sterilisation as harmful when fertility causes so much harm and pain?

      • Michael, that is a good question. For some reason they feel it’s harmful to the animal to have it sterilized but they don’t find it harmful to throw away a sack full of puppies or kittens. I’m not sure what the answer is but there are many contradictions from the Greek people when it comes to animal welfare.

        • Some other contradictions that I can think of are:

          1. Why do many Greeks oppose animal rescue groups that are there trying to save the lives of their animals. Would they rather the animals starve in the streets or be poisoned at the end of the tourist season?

          2. Why do many Greeks get a dog only to tie it far away from their homes to a tree or barrel for the entirety of its life?

          3. Greeks are know for their kind and generous nature when it comes to other people, but sadly, that friendliness ends when it comes to the animals.

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