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Animal rights pros and cons – brief overview — 2 Comments

  1. I am only 14 and have saved numerous animals from their death. A rabbit called pepper who was abandoned with their partner in a park (unfortunately the other rabbit was found dead in a bush in the week myself and my sister spent catching the other rabbit who has now been rehomed thanks to the RSPCA.) We care for the animals our cats bring in while they recover as well.
    Despite me being able to see no wrong in what i or any of my family do, i still get people coming up to me saying its just a mouse or a rabbit or a bee or even an ant, why do you care?

    is far as i am concerned there is only one animal on this planet (if humans can still be counted as animals) that does not need to be here and we all know what it is.

    • Yeh….:) love your comment Charlotte. Indeed we do know what that horrible animal is that should not be here. And one day I don’t think the human will be on the planet. And the planet will be returned to the animals who will look after the it better than us.

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